Six Easy Costumes That You Already Own (Getting Your Sheet Together: Part 2)

So you've reached that moment in the month where you realize that you have exactly 15 minutes of free time to find a costume before the upcoming festivities?

No problem.  Below are 6 suggestions for great (read: not-overdone) costumes that you already have the makings of.

For the Ladies

1.  Holly GoLightly from Breakfast at Tiffany's
She's iconic. She's beautiful. She's... well... easy (no offense intended, Audrey!).  This costume is beautiful and sexy without being overt (company Halloween party anyone?).  Holly showed us all what it is to be a modern day princess.

What You Have: Your favorite Little Black Dress; Black Sunglasses; Fabulous Pearl (or Other Sparkly) Necklace
What You Might Not: A Tiara (any dollar store, Walmart or Halloween store will have you covered.), Long Black Gloves (optional) (check Halloween stores, online or thrift shops),  A Long Cigarette Holder (Easy to make from rolled up paper or a paint brush with the ends snipped)
The Optional Extras: A Coffee Cup  (If you have trouble locating one of these you should probably stop reading now.)

2.  Rosie the Riveter
Equally as iconic as Miss GoLightly, but much more helpful in a bar fight, Rosie has been inspiring women to bad-assdom since World War II.  This costume can't get much more comfortable or easy.

What You Have : Jeans (or overalls if you prefer), Chambray or Denim Shirt (with sleeves rolled up of course), A Red Scarf for tying up those luscious but pesky locks
What You May Not: A Red and White Polka Dot Scarf (if you want to get picky.) (Check thrift stores, or pick up a scrap of fabric from JoAnn's), "Westinghouse Electric" patch (print out and pin to collar)
The Extras: A "We Can Do It!" Slogan (print and pin to back of shirt, or carry as a speech bubble sign); Metal Lunchbox (thrift store, online); Muscles and Attitude (Some assembly required).

3.  Carmen Sandiego 
Be prepared to hear "Oh My Gosh, I LOVED That Game!!!" all evening.   One of my favorite sources of inspiration for costumes is anything that takes you back to childhood.  It's a great conversation starter at parties and makes you feel (just a little) young again.

What You Have: A Trench Coat  (red if possible), a Yellow Scarf, Black Gloves, Black Sunglasses
What You May Not: A Red Hat - floppy or fedora (Thanks to the Red Hat Society, these are easy to find.  Check any department store, Target or Walmart), A Yellow Ribbon for around the brim (Walmart, JoAnn's Fabric, Michaels)
The Extras: A Globe (Any thrift store, or possibly your garage), a printed version of the logo to attach to the back of your jacket

 For the Fellas

1. Bond. James Bond. 
Okay, so this might BORDER on overdone, but what woman can resist a man in a tux?

What You Have: A Tux, or Fabulous Suit 
What You May Not: A Bow Tie (if no tux); Toy Gun (Dollar Store, Walmart, etc) (SPECIAL NOTE: I don't care how "in character" you get on Halloween. Do NOT start messing around with your toy gun outside.  People - and by "people" I mean "idiots-who-are-stupid-enough-to-play-with-their-toy-guns-outside" - get shot that way.)
The Extras: A Martini Glass (Bonus: You can drink from it all night!)
2. George. Boy George. 
Nothing says Sexy like a boy in makeup.  Um... or something like that.  Extract some giggles with an over-the-top outfit that brings back memories of big hair, slap bracelets and DayGlo.  Bonus: you can spend the evening annoying your friends singing Karma Chameleon, Do You Really Want to Hurt Me, and I Want Candy (What could be more apropos?).

What You Have: Ridiculously Over-sized Shirt, Vest, or other 80s Clothing
What You May Not: Black pork pie hat or other (Walmart, or Thrift Store), Yarn for braiding and attaching to hat (Walmart, Joann's), Beads or other Gaudy Jewelry (Walmart, Dollar Store), Black/White Makeup (Enlist a female friend if you need. Cat eyes, black lip liner and pale face will leave your goth friends envious). 
 3. Waldo
Everyone's favorite creeper!! (I mean seriously, why is he Always Hiding?)  I convinced a friend of mine to do this outfit a few years ago and he had a ball with it.  The best part? Photobombing other people's pics so that they can examine them and exclaim with glee "There He Is!"

What You Have: Blue Jeans, Red & White Striped Shirt (Special note: you can also use masking tape to create stripes on a plain red shirt), Red or Red & White Striped Ski Cap
What You May Not: Round glasses (Thanks to the abundance of Harry Potter costumes, you can find these ANYWHERE), Cane (Walmart, Thrift Store, Drugstore)
Extras: That Waldo was a crazy world traveler with some mad packing skillz.  If you've got the time, bring along a backpack, old school camera for creepy pictures, binoculars for stalking people, small shovel for burying bodies, tin teacup for your booze and stachel/man-purse for general storage.  Or, just a picket sign with the ever appropriate words "Here I am!"

Other Characters Lurking in Your Closet (or your friend's...)
Frida: Long Dress/Skirt, Scarves and Shawl, Fake Flower for Your Hair, Big Earrings, and a black makeup pen to create, ahem, facial hair. 
Pippi Longstocking: Striped Shirt, Overalls, Layered Clothing of any sort, a Scarf, a Pirate hat, Striped Socks or stockings and, of course, wire to create those famous gravity-defying braids!

Richard Simmons: Short Shorts, Sparkly Tank Top, Gym Socks, Sneakers, Frizzy 'Fro and a whole lot of FABULOUS!
Al Borland (Ala Home Improvement): Plaid Shirt, Jeans, Tool belt and some facial hair!

Coming Soon: Creepy Crew: Group Costumes

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