Helping You Get Your Sheet Together: EG's Costume Guide for 2013 (Part 1)

If aliens do exist, and are - for whatever reason - entertaining themselves by watching our planet (at least until we can get Earth uploaded to Netflix and they can download the entire season and watch it in one sitting), Halloween must be an extremely confusing event for them.

Once a year, seemingly normal humans spend weeks mutilating pumpkins, shoving dead grass inside discarded clothing, tormenting our beloved animal companions with ridiculous and useless hats and headpieces, and wandering (by the droves) in cornfields in the middle of the night with no discernible purpose.  And just when the behavior couldn't get any weirder, these humans (along with their offspring) suddenly don all manner of disguise, stalk the streets and invade their neighbors homes demanding candy.  Sweet Moses, I love this holiday.

This last part of our strange but beloved annual festivity is actually the part that can cause the most stress.  Though Halloween allows for any and all bizarre personality traits or hidden desires to bubble their way to the surface sans judgement, the prospect of finding a costume that demonstrates your desired message can be daunting. 

Enter Entertaining Grace.
This week I will vet and post some of the best, most clever costumes that our fabulous World Wide Web can offer.  Browse, giggle, copy and create disguises that range in ability and time commitment.  And as you put the finishing touches on your uni-brow (Frida), mustache (Dick Dastardly) or frizzed out 'fro (Richard Simmons) stand tall, aim a salute at those enraptured aliens and state with pride: Yes. This Halloween, I've Got My Sheet Together. 

Coming Up: 6 Easy Costumes That You Already Own

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