Creepy Crew: Group Costumes (Getting Your Sheet Together: Part 3)

Haunting the Halls as a couple or group this Hallow's Eve?  Take advantage of your cliques clout by coordinating your ghostly attire.  In addition to giving you more options (some costumes don't stand alone terribly well), it's also incredibly fun to work with a theme (and makes for great pictures!).

Coordinating Couples

1. Barbie and Ken

What's more couple-y than America's favorite plastic twosome?   Even better?  Pick a favorite outfit from your closet and make it any version of Barbie that you like (Beach Barbie, Rocker Barbie, Holiday Barbie...)  Take it to a photo-worthy level with a fabulously fashionable box! (Accessories not included)

2. Lydia & Betelgeuse
Looking for something a little less...well...PINK? Get dark and twisted with some of Tim Burton's bizarre machinations from 1988's Beetlejuice.
*Special Note: This is also a great idea for a larger group.  Just add the rest of the Deetz family, Adam and Barbara Maitland and some of the other crazy creatures from the underworld) 
3. Rock 'Em Sock 'Em 

Easily one of my favorite costume ideas.  Brilliant, nostalgic and just plain funny. Prepare to be photographed A LOT.  

 4.  Miracle Max & Valerie from The Princess Bride
Time tested true love is the greatest thing in the world. Except, of course, for a nice MLT (mutton, lettuce and tomato sandwich). Costumes - easy.  Makeup - welllll - good luck with that.  (And have fun storming the castle!)

5.  The Bodyguard -Whitney and Kevin

Friends of mine pulled off this costume a few years ago and did it brilliantly.  With his arm in a sling and her head covered in a scarf it was immediately clear who they were.  Worried it's not scary enough?  Just start belting out "I will always love you."
Attempts at that song always frighten the hell out of me.

Themed Throngs : Female

1. Golden Girl Goodness 

Sex and the City, eat your heart out.  This Fab Four did it first, with attitude to spare.
Ladies, break out the shoulder pads, giant necklaces and cropped wigs! 

2.  Jem

I can almost hear girls exclaiming - OH MY GOSH, I REMEMBER THEM!!  For those who don't, Jem was the 80s girl-power answer to Barbie (and, annoyingly large. She didn't fit into any of Barbie's clothes). With various characters and colors to choose from, Jem is a killer gal-group costume.  Who DOESN'T want an excuse to have pink hair and leg warmers?

3.  She-Ra and her Busty Band of Beauties 

Yes, I am simply going to beat this 80s theme into the ground. Seriously, if you and your gals are determined to keep it sexy, the blonde Princess of Power and her scantily-clad gal pals are a great way to make it original. (Ever wonder why pants are apparently a hindrance to fighting evil, but high heels and bustiers are not?  No?  Yeah, well, that makes sense.)

Themed Throngs: Males

1.  Green Army Men

I LOVE this idea.  It still looks good solo, but having a platoon of plastic makes for an even bigger squeal of delight.  And, if Halloween is about living out our many personalities, the inner little boy in you will enjoy playing guns all night long. 

2. The Rat Pack 

Frank, Dean, Sammy, Peter and Joey ooze cool in their fedoras and suspenders.  Pool cues, pinstripes, microphones, and martini glasses bring 40s sophistication back with a vengeance.  Gentlemen, tuxes aren't the only way to make a girl swoon...


3.  Aqua Team Hunger Force 

Store bought costumes be damned!  Yes, there will be a lot of people who simply don't get it.  But for those who do, you will be the heroes of the evening. 

4.  The Three Amigos 
Lucky, Dusty and Ned might require some fancy fashion footwork, but, if you manage to pull it off, the laughter will be oh-so-worth it.

Themed Throngs - Mixed Company

1.  Clue 

Whether you decide to use the game or the movie as your inspiration, this group costume is easy, clever and so much fun.  Wanna take it up a notch?   Make it live action. Create a scenario with your friends ahead of time and divvy out the location and weapon playing cards to each costumed character. Let people guess all evening at who-dunnit (debunk by showing a card).  A wrong guess means they have to buy you a drink.

2. The Breakfast Club

 Costumes are the easy part. Finding the right mix of friends to pull off this 80s classic? That's the challenge.

3.  The Many Faces of Johnny Depp

Let's be honest - we've all seen enough Captain Jack Sparrows to last us a lifetime.  BUT throw in the Mad Hatter, Edward Scissorhands, Sweeney Todd, Cry Baby... NOW it's interesting. 

Mad props to the gals who thought up this inventive Halloween Tableau.

4.  Mario Cart

Planning to do your cavorting out of doors?  Grab some wheels and don your best overalls for some Mario Cart action.

 5.  Tetris 

Also best for an out of doors celebration, these brilliant costumes, while, probably not easy to move in, couldn't be any simpler to make. 

6. Troll Dolls 

A true contender for the creepiest toy ever created, the troll doll fad just doesn't seem to want to die.  On the up side, they make for easy costumes that a mixed group can pull off.  Don't forget your jeweled belly button! 

7.  Alice and her Wonderland Gang 

Yes, it's been done.  But it is one of the few group costumes that allows for a lot of creativity.  Boys, girls, creepy or kid-friendly, this mind-trip fantasy has more fantastic shudder-worthy creatures than the 2013 VMAs.  

Coming Up Next: Halloween Hits: Entertaining Grace's Favorite Costume Finds

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