Gorgeous DIY Crystal Mobile

Gorgeous DIY nursery mobile crib crystal spiral princess
EEEEEK!! I have been so excited to start working on our nursery!  And it's finally begun!!  I have so much to share and so much to show you, but I wanted to start with the first DIY nursery project that is truly FINISHED: A beautiful flower and crystal mobile for above the baby's crib.

Okay, I'm getting a little ahead of myself.  Let me back it up.

Like most people, when I start a project, I tend to look for and compile inspiration and ideas first (anyone else mildly addicted to Pinterest and Google Image Search?).  As the idea-folder on my laptop grew, however, I started noticing that I Really Didn't Like any of the nursery mobiles in any of the pictures that I was collecting.  Curious, I decided to check out Amazon - Purveyors of All Things, Ever.  Amazingly, I still found myself underwhelmed.

Inspiration from The Pink Perch
For most people, this would have sat in the To-Be-Dealt-With-After-Nursery-Is-Almost-Complete category.  For Little Miss OCD here, I became a little bit, well, fixated.  I began to truly search in earnest for anything that was even remotely inspiring (it's totally normal to be looking at room decor at 3AM, right?).

FINALLY, something caught my eye from one of the talented artists on Etsy.  A spiral mobile with crystals, butterflies and birds - a slightly more sophisticated take on the traditional; a cross between mobile and nursery chandelier.  Love!   Appropriate to my luck, however,  the shop was/is taking a short break and is temporarily closed.  Perfect.

Thus began my DIY Mobile endeavor!

The Tools: 
(most of which can be purchased at any craft store.)

Wired Crystal Garland
Wired Spring Floral Garland
Crystal Bead String (jewelry making department)
Crystal Pendant (jewelry making department)
Foam & Paper Mache Bird Ornament
Heavy Duty Fishing Line
Heavy Gauge Wire
Wire Cutters
Florist Wire
Note: I did NOT end up needing the wire, however depending on the strength or type of garland you use, you may need it to create a stiff shape.

The Process: 

The process itself was relatively easy.
I began by winding the two wired garlands together, using their tiny off shoot branches to secure them in several places.

After leaving about 1.5 - 2 feet for the drop, I started to create the actual spiral.  Initially, I imitated the shape of the mobile I'd found on Etsy - small at the top and large at the bottom (like an inverted cyclone).  I ended up not loving the larger bottom, though, and instead created a spiral that was small at the top, expanded and then tapered again at the bottom. (For the record, I usually AM all about that bass, 'bout that bass - no treble.)  Once I had the length of the drop and the height of the spiral the way I like it, I used the wire cutters to trim off all of the excess garland.

I thought that I might need to support the shape of the mobile by attaching fishing line between levels, but the strength of the double wire held the spiral quite well.  I did intertwine a few tendrils just to be sure.

And speaking of tendrils, the little offshoots of wire, leaves and crystals on the garlands  were actually straight when I got them.  Something about that seemed out of place to me, so I randomly selected pieces and wrapped them around the pencil to create mini spirals in all directions. 

Once I was happy with the general shape, I moved on to the final touches.  Using 20 lb test fishing line, I restrung all of the beads, and attached the pendant at the bottom.  (I could have used the line that it came with, but I felt more comfortable using something with a strong weight capacity.  So long as the baby doesn't pole vault to the ceiling and start Tarzanning around on it, I think we should be more than fine.)  When the beads were strung and securely knotted, I attached the strand to the center of the drop, allowing the pendant to hang about 2 inches below the bottom of the spiral. 

Last but not least, I snipped off the ribbon for hanging the little bird, ran some florist wire through the foam on its underside, and gave it a little extra support with a dab of hot glue.  I wrapped the florist wire around one of the branches of garland and gave it one more dab of glue (hot glue is the woman's equivalent of duct tape: You can never use too much.).  Done!

   Can I tell you how much I love the results?  It actually helped me solidify some concepts for the nursery itself - clearly girly, but nothing that can't get reused and re-purposed as she gets older (and if she hates it, I'LL move in!)  Sort of a French Provincial meets English Garden style.  So excited!!

Okay, a few additional notes for anyone who's going to try it, and then I'll stop talking and show you a bunch of pictures: 
- SAFETY:  If you're going to hang something above the crib, make sure there is absolutely no way possible that it or any part of it could fall.  I personally checked every one of the crystals on this thing and will continue to, to be sure. At some point, when the baby is up and moving, I'll probably move it to a different part of the room.  
- Colors, Colors, Everywhere: I actually intended for the pendant at the bottom of the mobile to refract light and create rainbows on the walls, however, the shape that I selected is not conducive.  So if you want that gorgeous effect, you may want to look into getting actual prisms.   
- Savings Aplenty: Nearly all of my supplies were purchased at Michael's Craft Store.  In addition to the sales and regular coupons, they occasionally have bonus coupons that can be used in conjunction with discounts.  Because of this I was able to complete the project for less than $15.  Considering most Etsy mobiles start at $60, I'm rather pleased with the money savings!

Okay, now I'm really done talking.  There are definitely more nursery projects to come, so stay tuned!  And if you decide to try this, let me know how it turns out!!
DIY nursery mobile crib spiral crystal
I love that the mobile accents the pictures behind, but doesn't compete with them.  More on the artwork later!

DIY nursery mobile crib

Though the pendant doesn't create rainbows, it still looks beautiful from below when the light hits it!

DIY nursery mobile crib princess crystal
I love that this nursery mobile is something that I made specifically for my little girl to treasure.

TDC Before and After

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