13 Halloween Hits: Entertaining Grace's Favorite Costume Finds (Helping You Get Your Sheet Together: Part 4)


From incredibly simple to ridiculously complicated, below are some of my absolute favorite creative Halloween costume finds. 


1.  Lego People  (AKA MiniFigs)
Whether they're men or women, I'm not quite sure, but the concept is simple and hilarious (I can't imagine how HOT those heads are though!)

2. The House from UP 
Talk about bang for your buck.  This idea is cute, simple and has that undeniable "Wow!" factor.  

3.  Lion Tamer and Lion
This is just too freaking cute.

 4.  ET & Elliot 
I think my favorite part of this costume is the expression on the guys face. Well done, you. Well done.

 5. The Pop Art/ Comic Strip Girl 
There is SO MUCH you can do with this idea!  I definitely want to try it at some point (although with my inability to keep makeup in one place, I may just wind up looking like the Funnies got left out in the rain...)

6. The Son of Man 
Okay, granted, I'm a big Magritte fan, but even if you don't know who he is, you'll undoubtedly recognize this iconic image.  And short of a bowler hat and a printed apple, this is probably one of the simplest costumes out there.

7. Jellyfish 
Comfortable, creative and quick, I like how adaptable this costume is. Add lights, fiber-optic material or iridescent paint to embellish or keep it simple with the white and clear color scheme. 

 8.  Fluff n' Fold 
What cracks me up about this is that the girls WANTED to wear these costumes. Don't get me wrong - I think they're brilliant and adorable - just not what I picture little girls wanting to dress up as.  Love.  

 9. The Moth Fairy
If you're gonna go with a fairy or a princess - go big.  I stumbled across the killer seamstress lillyxandra and her incredible work just a few days ago.  I want every dress she makes.  My husband might want to block this site from my computer. 

10. Guy in a Hurricane 
I don't know who this guy is, but we should be friends. 
Brilliant.  Simply brilliant.

11. Yip Yips
And again - whomever it was that created this - I love you.  Thank you for bringing back some of the laughter of my childhood!

12.  Zoltar (from BIG)
Regular Fortune Tellers be damned!  This ingenuitive ingenue has one upped you all!  I also love the fact that she's going to be waddling around whatever party all night with a box on.  Cracks me up. 

And, finally (It seemed appropriate to end with this number)

13. The Ghostbuster Logo
Hey, if there's any day of the year that this is needed, Halloween would be it.  Plus, you and your friends get to spend the evening strutting down the street singing "Da na Nuh nuh Nuh nuh. Na-na-na-na Nuh Nuh! Da na Nuh nuh Nuh nuh" ... (come on, you know you want to...)

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