2015 Christmas House Tour


Happy One Week Until Christmas!

Just like everyone else, our week will be spent dashing around making all of the last minute purchases, finalizing menus, scrubbing the surfaces and hiding all of the random items that we don't have time to put away properly in a pile in our closet.  But truly, I love this time.

We're hosting family and friends and planning everything from a beautiful sit-down Christmas eve dinner to a Christmas morning brunch and Christmas night cocktails.  Our house will be full to the brim with overnight guests, too, so certainly there is plenty left to do.  But, as to decor, everything is pretty close to what it's going to be.  Below are some shots of the twinkling lights, colorful packages and playful touches that I love.

Enjoy!  (PS Many of these photos were taken at night because I love the look of the house in the string lights!)

I went for an elegant mantle with streamlined glitter trees, a beautiful carved deer and tall hurricanes with golden candles.  Though the greenery, ribbons and baubles remain on the top, the stockings have been relocated to places where little hands can't accidentally pull something down on themselves.
The photobomber in the chair is Griffin,the resident Scrooge of the household.  His favorite part of Christmas is taking his displeasure out on the ornaments on the trees. :)    

I think my favorite thing about our decorations is that almost every one of them is something personal.  The little bear on the side table was sown for my baby by my Texas mama; the angel next to him was the first decoration in my collection and purchased for me as a gift from my mom when I was in high school; the ornaments on the tree represent different events that happen each year in our lives. There are Santas carved and painted by my father-in-law, a wooden rocking chair I used as a child, a nutcracker from the first ballet my husband and I saw together...  Christmas for us remains the magic that has surrounded and accompanied us throughout our lives.

With close to ten people here for Christmas morning, we have huge piles of presents stacked in all corners (Not all of them are FROM us! We have my mom's in advance!).  The advantage is that they serve as decoration and made my job easier!

The demilune is piled with toys and more gifts.  The stack of blocks at the top is actually an advent calendar that holds treat behind each numbered door.  And of course that sweet little face is the true magic this year.  (She was very curious about the camera.  I'm fairly sure the inner monologue was "I could eat that.")

childproof christmas tree beautiful
Due to the tiny, mobile little munchkin, the tree is sporting fewer ornaments this year, and all of the ones at the bottom are large (so they can't be swallowed), plastic (so they can't be broken) and have ribbon ties (so I don't have to worry about her eating a metal S hook).  I also tied jingle bells to each of the lower branches as a sort of warning system should they be under attack!

I used to hang garland around the front door, but I actually really like it swagged across the large dining room window.  I wove pinecones, berries, and golden bells throughout for a simple, classic design.

I love how the mirror over the buffet reflects the glittering lights of the dining room tree!

In the dining room, a beverage station for adults sits at the end of the bar.  In the kitchen, a cocoa station invites little and big kids alike to help themselves.

And a few more of the sparkly details...

I'd love to see or hear how your plans and house are coming together!  Have a wonderful (stress free!) weekend, friends, and try to enjoy all the last minute details!

Happy Christmasing!

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