2015 Christmas Tablescape

Every year I swear that I'm going to make it simpler on myself - I'll skip the handwritten Christmas cards, nix the homemade cookies and pies and scale back on the decorations.  And every year I fail miserably at keeping that promise. 

The truth is, I get wrapped up in the season.  I enjoy doing those things.  And, while some people don't understand it, I truly love being busy.  If I'm honest, I think it has a lot to do with not having too much time to think.  But I digress. 

One of my "we'll see if I get to it" projects this year was a centerpiece for our Christmas Eve and Christmas festivities and a properly laid table.  While I love arranging flowers, they take some serious time and large chunks are hard to cut out with the Little Bee attempting to eat her way through the living room (Ironically, she still won't eat food...).  And digging out and hauling up seasonal dishes, napkin rings, drinkware (etc) seemed a little daunting as well.

But, true to form, I got the itch today and, while my husband watched Chompers the Red Cheeked Reindeer, I pulled together a beautiful floral centerpiece and tablescape.  Below are pics of the results. 

I have to say, while I realize it was completely unnecessary, I'm glad that I was able to find some time to do this stuff.  Creating things is such a mood lifter and the result makes me feel a little closer to the magic. 

Well, I'm off to go scrape some of this Christmas ornament glitter off.  I look like I exfoliated with a pixie.

Meanwhile, I pray you have a beautiful holiday filled with family, friends, delicious food and an overabundance of grace and laughter.  :)

Merry Christmas, friends!

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