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I've been in a bit of a decorating rut lately.  It's not that there aren't plenty of things in my house that I'd love to change, but I've been suffering from a lack of drive.  Part of it is that, as I've said before, we rent our townhome and that limits what I can really do.  For example, I'd love to create built in shelving, mount our TV, install crown moulding, relocate outlets, replace light fixtures (etc) but that would mean sinking a lot of money and time into something we'd have to tear out and put back later (not to mention several of those things wouldn't be approved).   But more than just the limitations of renting, I've simply lacked vision.  I walk into my living room/dining room/bedroom/bath with every intention of making changes, and then, like a dolt, just sit there staring at the walls and feeling very blah about the whole thing.  Sometimes, however, all it takes is one little thing to light the spark.

Enter Home Decorators Collection.  I really like their stuff.  A little preppy, a little modern, and most of all, classic, I often find myself trawling through their website and going on an imaginary shopping spree ("I'll take that, and I'll take that, and Oooo! I definitely need that...").  Alas, I can't always afford all of the gorgeous items I've collected in my immaterial cart.  Apparently I need an imaginary sugar daddy.

The other day, however, Home Decorators was having a fantastic sale that offered an additional 20% off of all of their clearance and sale items.  Without much intent, I began scrolling through and EUREKA! I fell in love with a distressed gold sunburst mirror.  With the extra discount, the price dropped over $50 and a coupon code for free shipping made it a deliciously satisfying purchase.

Initially, I had every intention of replacing the buffet mirror in the dining room, but when it got here,  I kept wandering back into the living room with it and gazing at the space over the fireplace.  That wall has been a headache for me since we moved here.  I've never LOVED anything I've had up there, but I've also never had any brilliant ideas as to what to do to make it better.  Until now.

Okay, it's not terrible, but simply calling it 'uninspired' is generous.
Like I said, sometimes all it takes is just one little thing.

As soon as I made the decision to abandon the dining room and put the mirror up in the living room, I started seeing the changes I wanted to make.

I got rid of the framed print that had just been resting on top of the fireplace (I like it, but I've never loved it in that spot. Hence, my reluctance to actually mount it) as well as the two framed ironwork pieces that flanked it.

The hatbox full of flowers and pretty little bird that have lived on my mantle since Easter (don't judge me) got pulled as well.

Once I had a blank slate, I attached the new mirror and instantly fell in love.  The size was perfect, the shape added visual interest and the style gave the room the little pop of trendy and modern that it needed.

I had purchased some bright aqua candlesticks at a Ross store (for around $6 each) that had been awaiting a makeover (aqua is great, but not exactly my style. I loved the shape though).  I gave them a few fresh coats of grey glossy spray paint and, once dry, topped them with white pillar candles and placed them to the left of the mirror.

A wild grass plant was transferred to a large, funky blue and gold pot and placed to the right.

Once that was done, I needed to address the large empty wall spaces alongside the fireplace that have been the bane of my living room decorating since we moved in.  The left side was outfitted with a ficus tree to balance out the green grass on the right of the mantle.  For some additional texture and proportion I placed it in an over-sized seagrass basket. 

That left only the right side to figure out.  Ditching the small gold mirror that was tucked awkwardly in the corner (hey, we all make decorating missteps from time to time), I stole two botanical prints from the upstairs bathroom and stacked them on the wall to fill the tall narrow space between the fireplace and sofa.  ]

One of my favorite decorating shortcuts is using Command Picture Hanging Strips.  So easy to put up and so easy to remove!

And the results?  So. Much. Better.
There are still changes I would love to make (recovering the throw pillows, a new end table, colorful curtains) but I can't tell you how much I'm loving these.  The room feels so much more pulled together, and less like an afterthought.  Amazing what one piece of decor can do!

Now, it's on to the other lack luster rooms to see what small changes I can make there.  Stay tuned!

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  1. Wow... All I can say is, "Wow!"

    Very impressive... Wanna come do some of this decorating and that outlet moving at our house?!?


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