Patriotic Posies and a Rocket & Ribbon Garland


Happy July, everybody! I hope everyone has something fun planned for this weekend!  We're probably keeping it low key around here (I'm guessing a 7 week old and fireworks are not a match made in heaven).  Barbecue, corn on the cob and my delicious Raspberry Pie (seriously, it is So Freaking Good) and hanging out with the fam... simple but fun!

But even when we're low key, I can't let the fourth go by without a little pomp and circumstance (it is one of my favorite holidays, after all!).  Just for fun, today I put together a patriotic garland (gotta do something with all of that scrapbook paper I never get around to using) and a super festive arrangement reminiscent of the sparklers and fireworks we're holding off on til next year.

Yesterday, I went to Michael's to raid their clearance holiday items.  All of their Fourth of July stuff was 50% off PLUS I had a coupon for an additional 15% off (stacking discounts makes me absurdly happy).  For less than $5 I picked up several sparkler spray picks and several rolls of patriotic ribbon and some truly adorable miniature pinwheels.

A quick trip today to Produce Junction (the local flower and fruit wholesaler) and I grabbed a big bunch of red carnations for $6.  A few hours of playing around and I had a couple of cute decorations to get us in the mood for the nation's birthday!

Patriotic Posies 

Hard not to love the Red, White and Blue!
I added some cobalt blue vase gems to a clear footed vase along with water and a drop of bleach.  I filled it with the red carnations and a few sprigs of white wild flowers and secured a Stars & Stripes ribbon around the neck with a pinwheel.  Finally, I pulled apart one of the sparkler picks and added it throughout the arrangement for some color and as a nod to the fireworks we'll be watching on television this year.  So cute! I love how it turned out!

Rocket & Ribbon Garland 


I have so much scrapbook paper, it's ridiculous.  I LOVE the stuff, but I never have time to scrapbook, so it just sits upstairs waiting to be put to good use!  For this project, I picked out some of my favorite red, white and blue patterns and cut rectangles and semi-circles out of them.  I then shaped them into tubes and cones and secured them with glue (but tape works just dandy).

I've got to be honest, attaching the cones to the tubes was a little annoying, but eventually I was able to center and tape them.  A piece of twine slipped through the top and was taped to the inside.

The next part was the most fun.  Using ribbons, sparkler picks, glitter, and stars punched out of scrap paper, I decorated the rockets and gave them tails of various lengths.  Once I was happy with them (or just tired of glue on my fingers) I hung them from my curtain rods along with more ribbons and glittering strings of stars.  So Fun!

Glitter? Check.  Unnecessary (but pretty!) flowers? Check.  An overdose of red white and blue (just in case someone forgets for ten seconds what the nation's colors are)?  Checkity check check.

I'm well on my way to being ready!  Next on the list is a good scrub of the house and some hand to hand combat at the grocery store (nothing puts you in a celebratory spirit like a good elbow to a feisty granny over some ground meat).  Man, I love holidays!

Have a fabulous and safe Fourth of July weekend, everybody!!

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  1. Christine and I are having a big 9-person 4th of July party and I can't imagine doing half of this! As I look around and see the mess in our living room, I feel a little nervous... We're not ready for this!


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