Showered With Love Part 1 (Beautiful Baby Shower Details)

It is never lost on me how very blessed I am.  I have a loving family, a wonderful husband, a safe and happy home, my health...

Yet, this past month I had even more reminders of what a lucky girl I am.  Within the space of two weeks, my husband and I (and the little wiggle worm in my tummy) were the honored guests at two beautiful baby showers.  They were so gorgeous and warm and thoughtful that I wanted to share some of the details with you!

This first shower was thrown by two of my best friends (including one who flew in from Texas with her mom and beautiful daughter).  It was filled with fun, cute and creative touches that were perfect reflections of their wonderful personalities.  I'm certainly stealing some of these touches for the next shower I throw!  Enjoy!!

The Beautiful Details 
Two of the most beautiful details were the Wish Book and Wish Tree that greeted everyone as they entered. 
Cards filled with sweet sentiments for the baby can be preserved for years to come, letting her know how very loved she is.

Who needs floral centerpieces when you can have something just as cute and way more practical?  These ingenious pots filled with diaper "flowers" were so cute, I couldn't bear to pull them apart when I got home.  They're sitting, waiting to be of service in the nursery!

Although we still received some beautiful cards, the girls requested that everyone bring their favorite children's book to start a library for the baby.  I'm an avid reader and a big literary nerd, so it means a lot to me to have a beautiful collection already started.  Several people also added sweet notes to the inside to wish the baby well!

 The Food

Finger foods can look so chic when served on beautiful plates and cake stands!  I probably ate my weight in these Caprese Picks (delicious AND adorable!).  The spanakopita, charcuterie and mini hot dogs were big hits as well!  And all of them were perfectly sized for the little munchkins in attendance!

And then, there were the sweets...
(It's a good thing I'm pregnant.  I can blame all the weight gain on the baby!)

Another amazingly talented friend MADE this gorgeous confection.  It's prettier than my wedding cake!! 
The cake itself was buttermilk and it was filled with a spicy apple compote... So Good!! I am still blown away when I look at this!
Lemonade and Strawberry Lemonade were the key drinks.  Not only was the carafe gorgeous, but how cute are the bottles and straws that everyone drank out of? 

The Games 

I love games.  Knowing this, my girlfriends arranged to have several silly competitions.
1. A giant baby bottle held a mysterious number of Cadbury Mini Eggs (it held less after I finished filling it...)
2.  A silly baby-fied version of The Price is Right was played in teams
3.  The You-Can't-Say-That party game is one of my favorites.  It's played all night and people get so creative and sneaky!
3.  I love trivia!  Baby trivia is traditional and sweet with all kinds of frightening and fascinating statistics!

The People

It wasn't a huge shower - almost entirely family - but it was completely overflowing with love and laughter.

 I am truly a lucky girl. 

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