Showered with Love Part 2 (Beautiful Baby Shower Details)


Earlier this week I shared the details of the first of two beautiful baby showers thrown for us.  From the games, to the party foods, to the adorable, practical and super creative diaper bouquet centerpieces, everything was a perfect reflection of the amazing friends who threw the party.  

A week later, I was blessed with another shower.  This shower was thrown by my mom, mother-in-law and step mom, with my family from the western part of the state in attendance.  It had a totally different vibe from the first, but was just as gorgeous, thoughtful and perfect. 

Shower Number Two was an elegant tea party, complete with tiered trays of finger sandwiches, berries and scones, spectacular bunches of spring flowers and countless personal touches.  Below are all of the Pretty Particulars - Enjoy!!  

The Beautiful Details

Centerpieces of roses, hydrangea, carnations, and babies breath made spring and the idea of New Life feel so tangible. 

My mother-in-law found these sweet little floral totes for favors.  They're not only pretty but very practical: they're insulated for take alongs but small enough to fold up and tuck in a purse!  Hand blown glass birds dangle from a glittered tree and carved candles scattered about the tables are lit just before the guests sit down. 

How freaking cute are the little tea pot place cards?!  I couldn't bear to let them be thrown away and kept them all!
Boxes of sweets sit at each place setting as a fun take away; Embroidered napkins tied with scalloped ribbons are about as wonderfully girly as you can get!  Scones and strawberries add some color to the pretty plates when guests arrive. 

The Food 

An assortment of family teapots, sugar bowls, creamers and honey pots were used to serve the various types of tea. (I'm in love with the white and gold polka-dot tea pot that has been in my husband's family for several generations! How fun is that?)
Savory offerings ranged from Spring Pea Phyllo Cups, Lemon-Almond Chicken Salad on tiny sweet rolls (garnished with dried cranberries - yum!), Mini Ham & Swiss Quiches and Cucumber Dill Open Face Finger Sandwiches. All of them were made by my fantastic and talented aunts and all of them were So. Incredibly. Delicious!
I've used pineapples for displays before, but I've never seen one used quite like thisI love this display of mini fruit kabobs!

And then, there were the sweets...
Thumbprint Cookies, White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies and Raspberry Cream-Filled Wafers are as pretty as they are irresistible.

Projects, Presents and More Pretty Particulars

After the tea was over, we moved into a room across the hall for presents, crafts and games. 
Little touches everywhere you looked made it so very special: My own baby shoes displayed on the coffee table; Onesies and Headbands made by the attendees and displayed on clothesline; A bright green feathered wreath; and a frilly pink umbrella filled with forsythia and tulips.
Not all arrangements need to be in a vase.  I put this one together in a beautiful soup tureen for the coffee table.
Although I typically try to shy away from highlighting gifts (because so many people gave us so many amazing things), I absolutely had to showcase this one.  My husbands parents took his old rocking horse and gave it a complete girly makeover (he swears it wasn't pink before...).  The pink and white paint, curly yarn hair and the teeny tiny cowgirl boots they included make it so ridiculously adorable I could scream.

The People 

Aunts, uncles, cousins, parents, grandparents and honorary family members were all part of the celebration.  Their help in making the day beautiful, their generous gifts and, mostly, their treasured presence made it completely unforgettable.

Yeah, I can't stay serious for too terribly long.  My honey and I had a blast, goofing off with the sweet baby toys and gifts that we received.
I said it before, but I'll say it again: I am a very lucky girl.  Both baby showers were gorgeous, yes, but that's not what made them so amazing.  The little gestures - the thought and time and love - that were put into every aspect made them both completely extraordinary and unforgettable. 

That said, I'm totally stealing some of these ideas.  ;-)

Have a fab weekend, friends!

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