Hey, Mom Tell Me a Story: A We-Love-Our-Mother's Day Survey! (PART 2)

My beautiful mama!
This Mother's Day, I wanted to hear from some of the amazing women who have taken on that sometimes-terrifying, often-challenging, and always-marvelous role of "mom".   Below are their comments and stories!

Tell me a story…
Forget Barbie.  You are, without question, our first and always icon.  You bring beauty, laughter, wisdom and joy to our lives from the time we’re freshly hatched and helpless to the days of wings-outstretched-and-ready-to-fly (occasionally into a freshly cleaned window). 
[PART 2]
So I want to know... 

What’s your earliest memory of your own mother?

Church! I brought Betsie Wetsie to church and I fed her.  My mother did not know that I had just brought her and fed her.  She removed her from my loving arms and said ‘Just wait until you get home.’ Betsie then preceded to empty her bladder.  My mom hugged me and said ‘All babies wet.'
- Patti

I must have been about a year and a half or two years old.  I remember sitting in my Great Uncle Joe's rocking chair, which is the place my mom always rocked me and nursed me as a baby.  It was in front of a window that had very soft light in the morning, and it must've been early because I remember sitting in her lap, and she had on a long white cotton gown.  She was drinking coffee, and she let me have the last little drops (it was GROSS of course, because I was little and coffee is bitter).  I remember the feel of her rocking with me, listening to NPR, and the feel of the hardwood floor, and the stillness and quiet of that calm day.  It's a very comforting memory :)
 – Charity

I have wonderful memories of my birthday parties. Mum would always make a cake from a Swiss roll. One year a train, the next a caterpillar and so on. She would set up games, prizes, gift bags and always make it fun.  
- Kelly

I don’t know what my earliest memory of my mother was – no clue as to the chronological order of my memories.  However, I do remember thinking that she might be a witch fattening me up to eat me like in the Hansel and Gretel story.  I thought that because I knew I was a troublesome little child and couldn’t think how or why she might really love me.  It was really hard to fathom.  I was born around Halloween and always had a “thing” for witches.  Maybe this was around the time I insisted on wearing a white dress to kindergarten every day because I thought I was a good witch.  Mother washed my dresses a lot and allowed me to continue my fantasy until it ran its course. 
- Robin

What was the best advice your mother gave you about fashion, decor or home life?

Always Keep a Clean House 
- Patti

Home life with a guy -  You must implant an idea so they think they came up with it. That's how you get men to do things!
– Kelly

My mother was loathe to give me advice outright.  She was more likely to lead by example even though I was slow to learn.  She made it clear that taking care of her family was her “job” and one that she thought was the most important in the world.  She had an eye for color and enjoyed having an attractive and orderly living room for company.  However, her highest priority was providing a comfortable and loving environment for her family.  Because she allowed us to “mess” and create in the playroom and den and backyard, all the other children in the neighborhood liked to come to our house to play.   Years later several of them expressed their appreciation and said that playing at our house gave them the happiest days of their childhood.  Even I realized at the time that I was lucky not to have a “clean-freak” as a mom. 
- Robin

What’s the best piece of advice your mother gave you about life in general? 

My mother’s “advice” was rarely offered but she provided an example with the way she lived and how she treated others.   My mother did not “carry tales” and did not make comparisons with others.  She expected the best of other people and treated them with respect and kindness.   More than that, Mother did not worry and become anxious over things that she had no control over.  She had an ability to “let it go” and live in faith that everything would work out for the good somehow.  This is not something I do well so it is something I noticed and wondered at especially as she became more infirm and less in control of her life.  My mother was a joy to be with all her days – her presence was a balm.  
- Robin

Be Polite 
 - Patti

99% of the things you worry about will never happen. 
- Kelly

Throughout college her favorite phrase for me (which my dainty, teenie tiny grandmother picked up, which was the weirdest thing ever) was: Don't have sex, and do safe drugs, or have safe sex and don't do drugs.  That's my mom, ladies and gentlemen. 
- Charity

What one piece of advice would YOU give from your experience of being a woman, a friend, a daughter and a mom (or awesome mom-like figure)?  

Follow your heart, it never lies. 
– Patti

What seems life consuming and awful in the moment will seem small and insignificant with time. Nearly everything in life will heal with time.

When someone hurts you, you may not find it easy to forget but try to forgive and move on.  It only taints your own soul to nurture ill feelings and you become a bigger and more resilient person by trying to replace your hurt feelings with kindness toward someone who may not deserve your kindness.  Please do not take this to mean that you should stay in a toxic relationship.  You deserve to be treated with respect and the “move on” part definitely applies to any relationship which does not allow you to grow and feel good about yourself.   When you do find someone to love and are in a healthy mutual relationship, remember to appreciate and nurture that person and that relationship.  Give that person room to grow and respect their individuality.   Good relationships do not just happen but take work and a lot of give-and-take to maintain. 
- Robin

Just like Being a Mother is a Gift, HAVING this many wonderful moms and mom-figures in our lives is a blessing beyond words.  Thank you for all you do and all that you are!

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