Hey Mom, Tell me a Story : A We-Love-Our-Mothers Day Survey (PART 1)

We love our Mamas!
This Mother's Day, I wanted to hear from some of the amazing women who have taken on that sometimes-terrifying, often-challenging, and always-marvelous role of "mom".   Below are their comments and stories!

Tell me a story…
Forget Barbie.  You are, without question, our first and always icon.  You bring beauty, laughter, wisdom and joy to our lives from the time we’re freshly hatched and helpless to the days of wings-outstretched-and-ready-to-fly (occasionally into a freshly cleaned window). 

 What is the best gift you’ve ever received from one of your kids?

[The] Best gift I ever received was a hug, at the mall, on a shopping day with a card from my son saying he loves me.  He went off by himself to shop with the money I gave him.  I stayed with the girls to shop our budget for school clothes. He returned with a card, his new school clothes and a hug and a kiss at the mall.  Seems he finally figured it was okay to hug his mom in public. 
- Patti

 The best gifts I ever receive from my kids are having them call me to tell me about something that makes them happy – and their being happy.  If my kids are happy, it makes me happy and gives the world a rosy glow.  That they want to share something good with me also makes me happy.  I suppose it is also a gift when they want to share something less-than-good with me, but the “happiness” that generates is tinged with gray. 
- Robin

It's the gift of seeing happiness on her face. For the last week every morning when she wakes up         the first thing she does is look up at me, right in the eyes and a huge smile comes across her face. It is pure happiness to see me, no agenda, just happy to start the day seeing her mummy. 
- Kelly

What is your idea of the ultimate day off?  
(This is your chance to give some oh-so-subtle hints, ladies!)

It would start by being able to lay in (as loooong as I wanted) with hubby, then off to a movie, nice lunch/dinner somewhere comfy and cozy with a girlfriend and then a maybe something simple like sitting in a beautiful rose garden, or sunset at the beach (CA not stinky TX) so I could just be right there in the moment with my hubby again. 
- Kelly

The Ultimate day off for me is a brisk walk with a loved one, first thing in the morning; coffee and a light breakfast; maybe a movie or pedicure; lots of time on the couch with my girls when they can.
  - Patti

Ultimate day off:  sleep.  just sleep.  maybe a solid 24 hours, maybe waking up a couple of times to eat something that has already been prepared for me, and nobody else is grabbing it and saying "MIIIIIINE!" 
– Charity

 The ultimate day off is not having to meet any schedule but one’s own – get up and go to bed when you want,  eat when you want and what you want and just being free to mess about.   Reading a good book, taking a walk in the sunshine, watching the tides, taking a long hot bath, playing tennis for fun …. all those things are good. 
- Robin

What book or movie was your son or daughter OBSESSED with growing up (come on, you know the one that you knew by HEART by the time they were 5)?

Kelly fell in love with Maria in the Sound of Music and wanted to watch that movie over and over.   I always stopped it before it became too distressing and it wasn’t until years later that she learned about the family fleeing the Nazis.  I think that was a real downer for her – also that her mother did not better emulate Maria. 
– Robin
[The] Book would be a tie between "Hippos Go Berserk" and "Are You My Mother?" and movie is, hands down, The Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh, which I have seen approximately 80 gazillion times in the last week.  I mean, at least it's not Caillou.
 - Charity
I believe Aladdin or The NeverEnding Story both were favorites, both were absolutely memorized and sung.  Babysitters Club were the books fo choice, after the Berenstein Bear Adventures.  We are a family of great readers and there are lots of favorites.  Several books were ‘memorized’ before my children were old enough to read by themselves and I would be put to shame if I shortened a story.  Go Dog Go was one of those stories that you just couldn’t shorten.  My kids had that one memorized down to the swings on the tree!
- Patti

We didn't make it there yet but she sure does love listening to the song her daddy wrote and recorded to my iPhone.  
– Kelly
What story about your son or daughter always makes you laugh?

I laugh when I remember discovering the gift that my recently potty-trained daughter left with great delight in the open humidifier tank.   It did look like a colorful toilet bowl. 
- Robin

Trying on clothes in a Montogomery Ward Store still hold so much laughter.  My oldest daughter and I could get in and out of our clothes pretty quickly when trying on outfits; my youngest daughter- not so much.  We were all trying on clothes, shoes, he works.  Erica and I got done and as we’re leaving the dressing room opened the doors to leave.  We hear the Ewok cry of “WOE”.  The youngest was not dressed and ready to leave. To this day the Ewoks make me laugh for two reasons. 
While in a store my classy daughter decided now was the time she needed to explode (down below). Well, she let out a huge ripper! So loud that the gentleman walking a few steps  ahead of us turned around and gave me a disgusted look thinking I was the culprit. At 7 weeks old my little lady had set me up! 

Just like Being a Mother is a Gift, HAVING this many wonderful moms and mom-figures in our lives is a blessing beyond words.  Thank you for all you do and all that you are!
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