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While it's no secret that I love big, romantic arrangements with a variety of pastel blooms and a fabulous "unruly" appearance, every now and again, I crave something different.  As the weather in PA slowly warms, I'm thinking about all things spring, and brightening up the room with an angular floral design in hot pinks, lime greens, bright whites, and sunshine-y yellows.  Bring on the Brights!

the blooms...
1. Matsumoto  2. Lilies  3. Alstroemeria  4. White Daisies  5. Anastasia Spider Mum  6. Frosted Plum Daisy  7. Button Poms
the steps...
1. In a small rimmed dish, cut a piece of wet floral foam to fit, with at least 2 inches above the lip.  Soak floral foam in water til saturated and cover with flower food.

2. I prefer to start any arrangement by creating a frame.  In this case, that meant working with the corners and bottom border.  I wanted the varying sizes to be interspersed throughout, so I made sure to include several at the bottom.  In addition to creating a base shape, I also created a base color - utilizing the greens first.

3-5. Once I had my frame, a general idea of the shape and the base color set, I began placing the focal flowers (focal flowers are the unique flowers, larger flowers, and the ones you want to be - you guessed it - the focus).  In this case, the focal flowers included the lilies, matsumoto and the spider mums.  (Remember to rotate your arrangement 90 degrees every few minutes to ensure all sides are filled in equally)

6 -7.  Once I had my focal flowers and shape, it was time to start adding in all of the filler flowers. The alstroemeria, daisies and poms were pushed into any remaining spaces at varying heights. 

8. Finally, I added several long cuts of lilies and a bright girbera (shored up with floral tape and a bamboo skewer) for height and movement.

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