Toasting the Irish (those guys know how to make a good beverage!)

Happy Saint Patty's Day!   I can't lie, this is one holiday that I don't put a whole lot of thought or effort into.  But just because I'm not pasting shamrocks on my windows doesn't mean I'm not gonna raise a glass of goodness to the health of my clover-clad Irish friends.  It's important! You know - International relations and all.

The TRADITIONAL Irish Coffee
If possible, serve in a heated, footed mug. (Heat mug by pouring hot water in first and then emptying it out before adding the other ingredients.

1 c. HOT coffee
1 jigger (1.5 oz) Irish whiskey
1 Tbsp. brown sugar
2 Tbsp. heavy cream, whipped

Stir brown sugar in hot coffee until dissolved.  Add whiskey. Top with cream.  (If you want to get really authentic, pour cream over the back of a spoon.) (And if you want to get really messy, pour cream over the front of the spoon...). Enjoy!

The Yeah-It's-Americanized-But-Hey-This-Is-America Irish Coffee

1 c. hot coffee
1 jigger (1.5 oz) Bailey's Irish Cream
1 giant smattering of whipped cream
Dash of Cinnamon and Nutmeg

Combine coffee and Bailey's in footed mug.  Add whipped cream and cinnamon and nutmeg.  Drink up!

How To Drink Irish Coffee 

1. After preparing your hot beverage (or ordering it from that cute waitress over there), raise your glass to the people who are with you, giving thanks for their friendship.

2. Drink.

3. After toasting the people with you, raise your glass to the people who CAN'T be with you that you wish could be.

4. Drink.

5. After toasting the people who can't be with you, raise your glass to the people who aren't with you, and dagnabbit, it's a good thing they're not.

6. Drink.

7. After toasting the people that, really it's just as well they're somewhere else, raise your glass to the people that you haven't met yet but probably would like if only you had a chance to meet them and hang out and talk about local sports.  Cause they deserve a happy Thaint Patty's day too.

8. Drink. 

9. After toasting the people that you hope to meet at some point and dammit, they better feel the same way you do about thports, raise a glass to the waitress who noticed that your thecond glass was empty within 5 minutes and just brought you a new one.  Boy she's nice.

10. Drink.

11. After toasting the waitress and very possibly asking her to marry you (Despite the fact that you're already married and she is possibly a he - you really didn't look that hard), raise a glass to that guy over there with a big bitheps and the unamused look on his face.  He looks like he needs a drink.

12. Drink. 

13.  After toasting that unamuthed guy who is now really unamuthed that you toasted to him, and, moreover, that you might possibly have referred to him as The-Mouth-Breathing-Nerd-Herder-in-the-Corner, raise your glass to fact that you have about a fifteen step head start.

14. Drink. And Run.

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