Black Market: Black Friday ads and some awesome deals to start your holiday shopping!


Black Friday ads are out! Check out or and for deals and to get a jump start on your holiday shopping.

Find discounts from department stores like Kohl's, Macy's, JC Penney's, Sears, KMartWalmart and Target.  And don't overlook stores like Michaels (great for decor, wrapping paper, and crafts), Bass Pro Shops and Gander Mountain (knock the guys off your list with sporting or gaming equipment), Express, Bath & Body Works and Old Navy (think sweaters, smelly stuff and stocking stuffers!).

Below, find some of my favorite Black Friday deals (and check out the ads for more!)

For the Lads

 Pro Qualifier Silver Baitcast Combo -- 69.99 (originally 159.99) -- Bass Pro Shops 
Got a guy that loves to be outdoors-y? Check out this great savings on fishing equipment.  Pack him up with the rod and a 6-pack and chuck him outside to find a creek.  Grab a glass of wine for you and HEY - Peace on Earth!  You're welcome.

Battlefield 4 for the Xbox 360 -- $29.99 -- Game Stop 
And, if you can't have Peace on Earth, why not blow up Pieces of Earth instead? The highly anticipated Battlefield 4 is rated M for Mature (so don't purchase this for Little Cousin Timmy, lest Not-So-Little Aunt Wanda kick you right in the sugarplums).   If buying this for someone you live with, however, do yourself a favor and spend an extra $6.99 at to include a headphone extender cord in their package. Trust me on this one. 


De Walt 34 Pc Drill Bits -- $9.99 -- Ace Hardware 
De Walt is a great name in tools and despite the fact that they will most likely only be used once in a while, boys seem to love them some power tools and accessories!  Who knows, maybe it will encourage them to hang that picture on the concrete wall upstairs that you asked them to hang weeks ago (ahem...)

Stanley Folding Workbench -- $29.99 -- Ace Hardware 
Again, another great name in home improvement. I love that this workbench can be broken down for easy storage (and that it will save my dining room chairs from being used as sawhorses...)

Xbox 360, Kinect & Free Halo Game -- $199.99 (Orig. 299.99+) -- Toys R Us 
If you want to be the best gifter in the world and/or want to purchase a little something special for yourself this holiday season, take advantage of Toys R Us's deal for the Xbox  and Kinect Bundle. Not only does it include the two Kinect games that come with the console, but Toys R Us will also include the game Halo for free. 

Men's Cashmere Scarves -- $24.99 -- Macy's 
 A scarf may seem a little humdrum, but cashmere makes everything awesome.  Seriously. If someone handed me a parking ticket made of cashmere, it would suck, sure, but it would suck with style.  

Protocol RC Helicopter -- $19.99 -- Macy's 
Whether or not they're 7 or 57, boys love toys.  And this RC helicopter is no exception.  Will it change their life? No.  But do all Christmas gifts need to be sensible?  Sometimes it's just about making someone feel like a kid again.  Just be ready to have your big kid annoy you and any animals in the house for the next couple of days. (I've found that threatening to go King Kong on them works wonders...)

For the Lasses

Wool Blend Pea Coat -- $27.47 -- Old Navy 
Bundle up for winter in stylish pea coat from Old Navy. The price is brilliant, so take advantage and purchase a few for gifts as well. And make sure to donate any old coats (or heck, donate a new one) to shelters. There are many people who can't afford them, and these are the months they are much needed and appreciated. 

Arizona Slouch Boots -- $19.99 -- JC Penney's
I am a huge fan of boots.  Nicer looking than sneakers, but more comfortable than heels, they have the unique ability to be sexy and strong at the same time.  In boots, I feel fashionable enough to not be intimidated by the chick next to me in Jimmy Choos, and reassured by the fact that, if zombies spontaneously attack while I'm sitting next to her, she's goin' down first while I hightail it out of there. (And, BTW, if you happen to be the person in spike heels, don't be surprised if I tip you over. It's the zombie apocalypse. A girl's gotta do...).  And at the Black Friday price of  $19.99, I can afford to kick some zombie booty in brown, black, camel... 
Hot Tools Flat Iron -- $39.99 (orig 99.99) -- JC Penney's 
Nearly every girl I know owns a flat iron.  And yet, they're one of those items that you tend to buy, use constantly and then allow to become worn and busted without choosing to update or replace.   It's a practical gift, but one that definitely be appreciated. 

50 Piece Dinnerware Set -- $79.99 -- JC Penney's 
If you've been wanting to replace your mismatched set of dishes, Black Friday is a perfect time to scope out the deals.  Serving dishes, matching plates, mugs and bowls... your mother might just die of happiness next time she comes over to eat. 

Oneida 82 piece Flatware Set -- $47.99 (orig 159.99) -- Kohl's 
 And along those kitchen-y lines, check out this phenomenal deal from Kohl's on flatware. Oneida, one of the leading brands of flatware, has this fabulous stainless set for a fraction of the price (notice I said "Fraction" because I didn't feel like actually doing the math).   Whether or not you're replacing your own garbage-disposal-weary forks and spoons or buying a gift for someone just starting out, the price is fantastic for a quality set. 

Fisher Price Loving Family Dream Dollhouse -- $40 (orig 69.99) -- Meijer 
What little girl doesn't love a dollhouse?  (And the Loving Family version is so much better than the Daddy-Drinks-Because-You-Cry Family Dollhouse).  Toys R Us also has a deal on this toy, but Meijer's version is $10 cheaper. Again - you're welcome. 

Simply Vera Vera Wang Embellished Sweater -- $24.99 (orig $68) -- Kohl's 
Boys may love their toys, but most girls still love to play dress up.  The gift of something warm and stylish will be welcomed by your fabulous lady friends.  

The ads for Black Friday are still coming, so make sure to check the fliers regularly.  And stay tuned to Entertaining Grace for additional Black Friday tips and tricks as well as more holiday gift buying ideas!

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