Thanksgiving Table Settings

Set a memorable table for this year's Thanksgiving feast.  Green and red depression glass, cobalt wine glasses, pine cones, acorns, silver, and gold - even peacock feathers - this holiday is the perfect time to mix it up and try something new. 

Bring the Outdoors In

Repeat after me: "Spray Paint Is My Friend."  Silver and gold spray paint are two of my favorite items in my decorating arsenal.  They can make anything seem luxe with minimal effort and almost no cost.
This Thanksgiving, use them to transform pine cones, acorns, grapevines or leaves and add a little inexpensive sparkle to your place settings.

Make It Personal

Thanksgiving is a time for celebrating blessings and traditions.  Try incorporating eclectic vintage pieces into your tablescape - preferably ones from family and friends. Don't worry about matching. The green depression glass used below was from various relatives and in multiple patterns. My white china was the throughline from setting to setting. 

Introduce the Unexpected

Sure, pheasants and turkeys might be the norm, but nothing says "Fabulooouss!" like a peacock.  The blue and silver can also be used for any Thanksgiving/Hanukkah combination celebrations (as Hanukkah starts on Thanksgiving this year).

Silver & Gold 

Mixing metals has long been thought to be a fete faux pas, however, I say "Tradition be damned!"  Well, sort of.  Think of mixing metals like layering textures or incorporating colors - it adds depth and visual interest. Just make sure that it looks intentional.  Try utilizing the rule of three and include the different metals at least three different times.  

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