Trapdoor Dining

Entertaining Grace is not only about entertaining in your home, but also about featuring new trends in entertaining.

Currently, there is a very cool new fad in the world of dining out called Pop-Up restaurants.  Pop-up restaurants (also known as Supper Clubs) are restaurants without a permanent location.  A popular chef will determine a menu, find a one-night only location, and sell tickets online for the event.  It's an incredibly  unique way of experiencing different locations, styles and fabulous food. It also offers a very sophisticated "in-the-know" feeling.

Monday night, I'll be attending my first event. It will be hosted by the phenomenal Kenny Seliger - the head chef at LA based restaurant Wirsthaus.  His new supper club company, Trapdoor Dining, will be featuring a menu of different fish, all market fresh, and paired with coordinating wines.

The oh-so-chic location is eclectic and secret (SHH!) up until you book your tickets.

If you'd like to join this exclusive event, visit for details and tickets.  Tickets are very limited, so book soon!!

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