Beyond the Bloom (or Thinking Inside the Box)

A dear friend of mine is currently going through a very difficult time.  Because she's at home in Louisiana with her family, it's sometimes difficult to know how exactly to support her.  While a card and flowers are certainly a lovely gesture, I also feel like they can, at times, be an impersonal one.  So, how to tell her that she is missed and loved?  How best to remind her that she has a circle of friends back home that will love and support her in any way she needs during this dark time? What is it that she truly NEEDS at this time?

The answer came in an instant when I thought of my beautiful friend and one of my favorite things about her: her wonderful smile.  What could she need more right now than something to lift her spirits?  What better medicine is there for the soul than a good laugh?

With this in mind, my friends and I set about making a Laughter Care Package designed specifically for her. 

We each included small personalized gifts - homemade cookies, a book of meditations with a personalized inscription on the front page, goofy pictures of each of us holding a sign with a message to her, a stress ball, some fake mustaches to make her giggle, a CD of my favorite comedian, some of her favorite candies, craft supplies (she's an artist), some lovely accessories and silly and sweet cards alike all expressing our love for her.  We finished it by wrapping everything in tissue paper of her favorite hue - bright pink. 

A few days later, I received a text message.   You ladies are amazing!! Thank you so much. Words cannot express my love and gratitude!  ...It was perfect.

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