Spring Awakening (in my house)


Hello, friends!  Long time, no talk!  I apologize for the radio silence.  It's been a crazy couple of weeks.  I went to Houston to visit my best friend and followed it up with a rousing round of stomach flu.  Good times! Things are starting to get back to normal, though(whatever that means), and I'm trying to find my stride with my now very mobile puffling in tow.

The time I spent in Texas got me good and ready for some warmer weather here, and I'm getting very excited for spring and my munchkin's first Easter.   Bring on the sunshine!  Bring on the bunnies, ducks and geese!  Bring on pastels!  Bring on the floral dresses!  Bring on the handfuls of Cadbury Mini Eggs!!  (World's. Best. Candy.)

I spent some time this week pulling down the winter decor, and, with the help of Target, a local farmers market and one fabulous blogger, added some spring cheer to my home.

I started by filling a large green glass jar with spring branches.  (I would love to use real branches from the woods out back, however a certain furry critter that lives in our house has a tendency to eat them and I'm not sure that's in his best interest.  If your house doesn't contain a mildly idiotic cat, I highly recommend going the free route).  I added my one of my favorite spring decorations - a big fat verdigris bird - and an over-sized art book from one of my favorite artists.

Target's Dollar Spot came through with the sweet little wooden bunny light garland.  So cute!  I can see using that in the scrunchkin's room for years to come.

Kellie, a fantastic blogger and designer extraordinaire, created and shared some adorable spring printables at her website Nest of Posies.  Initially, I just matted and framed the beautiful watercolor egg art, but I think I may go back and add her spring quote art as well.  It is just too darn pretty!

Finally, I added some colorful (cat-friendly) posies to my monogram etched glass vase (tutorial here) and left well enough alone.

And speaking of posies...
Okay, so it's possible I went a little nuts with the flowers.  I feel no shame.  I stopped by the local farmers market with the intent of picking up a small bouquet, but they all just looked so cheery and they were all so CHEAP that I couldn't resist getting a few bunches.  I wound up getting 2 dozen pink roses, a huge batch of baby's breath, and a huge batch of purple stock for $9.50.  Hard to beat!

I added a few roses and shoots of stock to the purple flowers that remained from my Valentine's day bouquet (thanks, honey!) and arranged them in a footed hurricane on the pedestal table in the middle of the living room.  It's one of the first things you see when you walk in the door and the colors make me so happy!

The Boyd's rabbit (named Emily) was a gift from my mother when I was in college!  She's gone with me everywhere since!
 The majority of the blooms went into a galvanized bucket (also from Target's dollar spot), wrapped with some twine.  I love the juxtaposition between the somewhat rustic container and the slightly formal flowers.  It has a just-picked-from-my-nonexistent-garden feel. 

A few more flowers and a bright bowl of eggs got tucked into my demilune entry table.  The eggs are the perfect height for the scrunchkin to play with.  It's like the world's easiest Easter egg hunt. 

The last little spot in the corner received some life with greenery, my favorite chunky candlesticks and another Target Dollar Spot buy: this sweet little white rabbit.  (I dressed him up with one of my daughter's hair bows).  I have to be careful with what I put in reach of little hands, and his carved look is actually made of plastic and is perfect for my delicate little angel Vlad the Destroyer. 

The results make me so happy!  I love seeing the bright colors and cheerful displays.  While winter gasps its last outside, my living room looks like it's ready for Peter Cottontail himself. 

My goal now is to give some much needed attention to a few of the rooms I tend to ignore, and a good spring cleaning to some organizationally challenged spots that somehow never manage to make it in front of the camera :)  Hopefully it won't take me another two weeks to get around to it!

Have a great week friends!

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