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I'm sorry, was I yelling?  It's just that I get a LITTLE excited come this time of year.  I mean, pumpkins, candles, costumes, leaf piles, scarecrows, candy ("Candy, Candy, CANDY..." for all you Garfield fans)... What's not to love?!?! 

Added to the excitement is the fact that now I have my own pretty little pumpkin to dress up!!! And, considering there may only be a few Halloween's where she allows me to pick her outfit, she may wind up in 15 different costumes this year.  Don't judge me.  This may be the main reason I had a kid.  Well, that and to steal her candy when she's old enough to trick or treat.

Silly as it sounds, I wanted the very first thing she put on to be something that I created for her.  So this week I put together the girliest, sparkliest, froofiest Halloween tutu any little munchkin could ask for.  You know, if she could talk.

Though you can absolutely make this sans ribbon by sewing a piece of elastic in a loop, I actually love the big giant bow at the back that the ribbon provides.  In addition, this no sew version is super quick and easy for even the most inexperienced crafters. 

What You Need:  

Spools of 6" Tulle Ribbon I used Orange, Black, Purple and Silver Spiderweb.  The number of actual spools you'll need will depend on the length of the skirt, circumference of the waist and froofiness desired.  I had four spools for a 4 month old but probably only needed 2-3
Grosgrain or Satin Ribbon The length you will need will be the Circumference of Waist + 50 extra inches for a bow with long tails (25 extra per side)
1-2 Spools Coordinating 1/4 inch ribbon

Let's Do This: 
1.  Measure 25 inches in on each side of the ribbon, and mark with a knot (This should create a section in the center that's the size of your baby's waist).  I needed 16.5 inches for my critter, so my ribbon was 66.5".  The knots take up a tiny bit of the ribbon, but not enough to make much difference.

2.  Decide what length you'd like your skirt, double it and add 1".  This will determine the length of tulle strips you'll need.  For example, I wanted something with a 9-10" drop, so my strips all needed to be around 20".  The great thing about this project is that it's REALLY forgiving.  By the end, I couldn't be bothered to measure too carefully and was just eyeballing the length as I cut.

3. Cut your strips of tulle.  Again, the number you'll need will vary with how large, long and poofed up you want your skirt.  I wanted something highly poofy, so I used around 90 strips (This, btw, is a great project while you're sitting watching tv at the end of the night!)

4.  Place two to three pieces of tulle on top of each other and then fold your tulle in half.  Starting at the first knot, slide approximately one inch of the loop under the ribbon.  Fold the tails of the tulle over the ribbon and through the loop (A Lark's Head you're tying a scarf.).  Pull the tails, tightening the loop and securing the tulle around the ribbon.  Every few bunches of tulle, attach 1/4" ribbon in the same manner.

5.  Slide your tulle tight against the ribbon knot and continue the process until your center section is filled.  Fluff the tulle, tie a beautiful bow, and you're done!!

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We dressed our little one up and took her to a local farm for some fall festivities (because nothing says "farm appropriate" like a highly colored tutu).  It made for great pictures and we had so many people stop to Ooo and Ahh over the Cute Factor. 

My favorite pumpkin!
 This technique was so ridiculously easy, I'm sure I'll be employing it for costumes and dress up in the future.  (Pink ballerina? Check.  Little black cat with a tail attached? Check.  Sparkle rainbow tutu for random tuesdays? Checkity check check.)

I'd love to see your super easy costume ideas (for little or big people!), so post them in my comments or on my facebook page.  Happy Autumn!!

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  1. "This may be the main reason I had a kid."

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