The Perfect Gift: A Gender Reveal Holiday Party


Every year, my husband and I have a holiday party.  Twinkling lights, Christmas carols, delicious finger foods... I look forward to it all year.  Normally this is a no-presents kind of party (although we do collect presents for Toys-For Tots) - it's just about hanging out with friends and family, eating good food and enjoying the holiday season. 

This year, however, our Christmas soiree had a special twist to it: in the middle of the room was a great big present with a pink and blue bow.  The contents?  Helium balloons in either pink or blue.  The opening of the present and release of the balloons would tell us if we are having a boy or a girl.  So exciting!!

I didn't want to make the all about the baby (although baby's have a way of stealing attention, no matter what), so the majority of the party was Christmas themed and elegant with just a few touches of blue and pink thrown in to the mix.  Scroll and enjoy!!

Christmas Gender Reveal: Touches of blue, pink and gold are everywhere from bows on packages to a homemade wreath, to vases and dishes filled with ornaments.
Instead of baby blue and baby pink (which would look a bit odd against the Christmas palette), I looked for a navy and pinkish-gold that was a little more sophisticated. 

Not all was completely pink and blue.  Much of the house remained Christmas-y for the holiday party.

A forest of glittery trees, dishes for the buffet, and silver and gold accents all sparkle in the night blue dining room

The dining room table is filled with goodies for guests to snack on, and, for the hungrier folk, pots and pans on the stove provide homemade stew and fresh baked beer bread. 

Christmas, fruit kabobs, cheese,
I could easily live on this kind of food for the rest of my life.  Fresh veggies, cheeses, crackers and fruit kabobs are easy to grab and go (and look so bright and pretty!)

Delicious buffet treats and desserts a
The sweets were to-die-for.  A mixture of homemade and purchased ('cause, seriously, who has time to make it all?), we had cake stands of dark chocolate brownies, spicy nut roll, delicate petit fours, almond covered peppermint and chocolate cookies, and chocolate and vanilla cupcakes in blues and pinks gave a nod to the surprise yet to come.

 And when it was finally time to open that big white box, we gathered our family and friends (some via Skype due to distance) and cut those ribbons... 

Gold balloons on top, but underneath...

* * *

* * *

* * *

It's a girl!!!

 And we couldn't be happier.

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