Christmas [in July] is Just Around the Corner! (Great deals for stocking up on presents!)

The Fourth of July is just around the corner and what am I thinking about?  Christmas.  Yup.  Christmas. 
"But Emily-Grace, Christmas is a half a year away. Don't you think that's a little, well, crazy?"
Crazy is how an Emily-Grace do. 

Actually, while I do adore the Christmas season and look forward to it from the moment I take down the tree from the year before, I have a much more practical reason for focusing on the Christmas season now: saving money. 

You'll hear me beat this drum repeatedly throughout my posts, but because I so strongly believe in the truth of it, it bears repeating: The two commodities in life are money and time.  You generally have to spend one or the other.

As I tend to be a little short on the former, I prefer to utilize the latter. (Meaning, I'd rather put in the time now, than have to put in the money later.  Particularly because the October, November and December tend to have so many other expenses like travel and parties).

Luckily for me (and other people who want to save some pesos) late June and early July are great times to scoop up some deals.  (For reasons why, check out the text insert!)

Below are some specific deals that you can scoop up now, as well as some stores to keep your eye on in the next couple of weeks.  Just think: of all the things that will need to get done come fall, wouldn't it be nice to say "Oh, me? No, my Christmas shopping's already done."

Current Deals I'm Loving

1.  Caspian Cerulean Cluster Stud Earrings from White House Black Market
Orig. $28.99, Now $9.99
2. Michael, Michael Kors Black Solid Suit from Macy's
Orig. $595, Now $209.99 (And Macy's stacks coupons, so check your local paper!)
3. Step2 Outdoor All Sports Climber or Big Folding Slide from Walmart
Orig. $99.97, Now $69.00
4. Bayla Fragrance, Small  from Aeropostale
Orig. $12.50, Now $5.25 (USE coupon code EXTRA30)
5. Sofia The First Princess Dress  from The Disney Store
Orig. $44.95, Now $29.99
6.  Men's Athletic Watch from Aeropostale
Orig. $39.50, Now $11.90 (USE coupon code EXTRA30)
7.  Syma S107G 3.5 Channel RC Heli with Gyro from Amazon
Orig. $129.99, Now $17.10
8. Craftsman 3 1/2 Trak-Cut Circular Saw with Miter Guide Base from Sears
Orig. $129.99, Now $45.88
9.  Pave Bar Bracelet from Banana Republic
Orig. $39.50, Now $17.40 (USE Coupon Code BRYAY40)

Upcoming 4th of July Sales to Check Out
(Stores that have historically had fabulous Independence Day Deals)
  • Macy's (Clothing, Swimwear, Jewelry)
  • Sears (Patio Furniture, Grills, Clothing)
  • KMart (Patio Furniture, Grills)
  • Home Depot (Appliances, Paint, Patio Furniture, Grills, Gardening) 
  • (Shoes, Jewelry, Electronics)
  • Travel Zoo and (Travel) 

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