The Things We've Forgotten [to clean] PT 1 : Coffee Maker

It's amazing how a little bit of sunshine motivates.  The second the days start to get longer and the sun starts to take on a rosier glow, people start thinking about polishing up the caves they've been hibernating in for the past three months.  It's a lovely time of hope, expectation and window cleaner.  

But all that cleaning CAN be overwhelming. Especially if you want to do a deep, deep clean (and if you have, you know, a life). 

So while we make plans for that all-inclusive spring cleaning spree, lighten the load by picking one overlooked item a day to knock off your list. 

Overlooked Item of the Day: 

The All-Important Coffee Maker 

I heart my coffee maker.  I commune with it every morning, lamenting only the fact that it doesn't come with an IV drip.  Were it animate, it would probably get a restraining order.

My dirty, smudgy coffee maker
Despite my love, I certainly don't give it the thorough cleaning I should as often as I should to keep my coffee tasting pure.

Tools Needed:
White Vinegar
Coffee Filter
Dish Soap (for Stainless Steel)
Clean Rag (for Stainless Steel)
Vegetable Oil (for Stainless Steel) 
1.  Place clean filter in filter basket. 
2.  Fill your water reservoir with a solution of 1 parts white vinegar to 1 parts water.  Fill to max capacity (but not beyond)
3.  Run coffee maker.
4.  Turn off when complete and let water cool naturally.  You can let the water/vinegar mixture soak anywhere from 15 minutes to 1 hour. I prefer to let mine sit longer if I have the time.
5. Empty now-cool water/vinegar mixture. Use clean paper towel to gently scrub any now-loose stains on the bottom (if any are left, they should come up with ease.  White vinegar is amazing.)
6.  Use that same paper towel (that should now be slightly damp with a bit of white vinegar and water) to wipe down the warmer plate and any crevices.
7.  Discard filter.
8.  Fill water reservoir with clean water to full capacity.
9.  Run coffee maker again. 
10. Once coffee maker has completed its course, turn off and allow to cool for 15 minutes - 1 hour.
11. Repeat steps 8-10 if desired.

To Clean Stainless Steel Outside 

*EG Note: If you have any stainless steel appliances, you know that the trade off for beautiful shiny silver is smudgy paw prints from you and your family.  There are  products specially made to take them off,  but with a small appliance like a coffee maker that comes into direct contact with food, I prefer to use products that I'm less concerned about accidentally digesting.

1.  Use warm soapy water to wash the surface of the coffee maker (dish soap is just dandy).  The soap and water will dissolve any dirt, grease or finger prints.  It WILL look streaky after this step.
2.  With a clean rag (a cotton cloth will leave less residue than a paper towel) use a small amount of vegetable oil to polish to a shine.  Rub with the grain to give the best shine.

That's it!   Now doesn't your coffee taste better?

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