All That Glitters: A silver and gold New Years table

Setting a beautiful table for New Years doesn't need to be complicated...

This is the one time of year when over-the-top glitz is spot on.  A white tablecloth and swirled overlay create an stylish base to start.  

Raid your Christmas supplies for gold, silver, azure and amethyst ornaments.  Pile on a tiered server along with stars, garlands, and pocket watches for a luxe centerpiece.  Mix metals and textures with abandon: think of it as an overflowing jewelry box.  

Layer metallic chargers, gold rimmed plates, and printed clock faces.  Personalize each setting with whimsical DIY party hats.  After all, it is a celebration!

With a few tea lights, a square mirror will add an elegant glimmer when the light from the last of the year begins to wane. 

Final touches include jewel-toned napkins, gilded flatware and sparkling baubles at each place setting.  

Now let's raise a glass to a beautiful new year that's filled with the richness of friends and family! Cheers!

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