A Different Resolution

New Years, for me, has always been a strange holiday.  Coming hot on the heels of Christmas, most of us are already exhausted and winding down from the holiday season.  We've just come through one of the most joyful holidays, and yet our attitude toward the year is somehow sour.  Wrapping our purse strings a little tighter and our belts a little looser, we look to the year to come as an opportunity to "Get it right."  We muster up a last little blast of energy to party, drink and count down the very last moments in the current year, in anticipation of our next great one.  

"This time," we say with resolve "This time, I'll do it the way it should be done."  This year I'll lose those 15 pounds.  This year I'll spend less money. This year I'll get a better job.  This year I'll volunteer more.  This year I'll find a good man. 

And it's not that those aren't good goals or excellent motivations.  But somehow it seems that in the wake of the moment, we wind up summarizing the previous year in terms of all of the things we did wrong.  What we're really saying is "I'm too fat," "I'm wasteful and a poor steward of my finances," and so on.   

This mentality is one that feels so dour to me, that I find myself looking at January 2nd as the light at the end of the tunnel.  And for someone who believes in celebrating life and all of its moments, this attitude just doesn't sit well.  

So this year, I feel that it's time to make a different kind of change.  Instead of looking toward midnight with an attitude of "This time I'll do it right," I will seek a quieter entrance into the New Year - one that is both reflective and grateful.  This December 31st I will look back at the year and say, "No, it wasn't perfect.  But this is what I loved about it.  This is what I learned."  

"I'm grateful that I had enough to eat, even if it was a little too much at times.  I'm grateful that I had the job that allowed me the capability to go out or to stay in; to treat myself, my family and my friends from time to time.  I'm grateful for the opportunities I had to touch other people's lives - whether through a phone call, a lunchtime chat, or a kind word. (Charity and Kindness are not, in fact, relegated to soup kitchens and clothing drives). Perhaps this year I'll seek those opportunities out in more places. I'm grateful for the friends that I have and for the extra time that I had to spend with them."

Tonight, at 11:59 (and counting), I will raise my glass earnestly in tribute to two great years - murmuring thanks for the one that is passing and a warm salutation to the one that the ticking clock brings.  Tonight, I will resolve to be contentFor what better thing can one wish for themselves and those around them than peace?

Happy New Years, friends.  I wish you all the peace, joy and beauty in the world.  

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  1. Okay, first of all: That decoration/centerpiece/whatever you would call it is GORGEOUS. You have such an eye for things like that! and second: I couldn't agree more. I actually wait until my birthday to do "New Year's Resolutions," because it gives me a break from the holiday insanity, and instead lets me start my own new year on the right foot, with more positivity (and rest!).

  2. Thank you, sweet girl! I LOVE the idea of doing resolutions on your birthday. I think birthday's are such a good time to reflect. Have a happy happy new year, and thanks for being so wonderful! xoxo


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