Things That Go Bump In the Night...

Our levitating table of goodies
As you have most likely guessed by my unabashed affection for all things autumn, Halloween is one of my absolute favorite holidays.  Nothing brings out the little kid in me like the joy of finding new projects to build, new costumes to create and new ways to thrill and entertain my friends and family.

The witch is in! (literally)
This year, in fact, will mark the 7th Annual Murray-Smith Halloween Fete.  Every year, we look to create something that we've never tried before.  Past years have included the Floating Table, a free standing gauze ghost (named Oscar), a full-length, weight-activated mirror that revealed a frightening face when peered into, a home-made fog chiller, the Pepper's Ghost effect, tombstones, fences, chandeliers, our (now-annual) coffin-table, and last year, I even made a burnt out tree for our modest graveyard.  My goal is not only to awe the attendees of the party, but to create details that are memorable, unique, and inexpensive.

Outdoor display for food and wines

Over the next few weeks, I'll share some of my favorite Spooktacular Specifics - whether my own, or simply ones that inspire me - so you too can conjure a fiendishly fantastic fete!

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