No Sew Window Seat


Sewing is not my strong suit.  I've stated this before, but it bears repeating.  Yes, I can do basic things- buttons or zippers, straight lines, small fixes - but making things... not sew much (see what I did there? Hilarious!). 

Recently, however, I was helping my dad update his guest room, and spied a fantastic, under-utilized wooden surface in their bay window.  It had been functioning as kind of a catchall for books, alarm clocks and various other things, but the bright, sunny area seemed like the perfect window seat - all it needed was a cushion and a few throw pillows to up the cozy factor.

Sewing a trapezoidal cushion was definitely out.  Instead, I turned to one of my favorite crafting tools in my kit: my staple gun.  All I needed were a few additional supplies.

My dad purchased a thin piece of MDF at a hardware store for a few bucks.   A few easy cuts later, he had trimmed it down to the shape of the window seat leaving a one inch margin on each side.

A quick trip to the craft store and we picked up high density upholstery foam (you can also buy this at Walmart, Lowes, Amazon...really anywhere), Poly fill quilt batting and three yards of fabic.   (Make sure to check your phone for coupons!! Most times you can get 40-50% off of your highest priced item!)

Laying the wood on top of the foam, I used a sharpie to trace the shape, adding the extra inch back in on all sides.  (Basically, this will keep all of the edges of your finished product soft and cushion-y).   The next step was to cut the shape out.  I used some heavy duty scissors but a serrated knife might work better  (Patience may be a virtue but it ain't one of mine).

After the foam was cut, I laid out the batting, placed the foam on top, and the wood on top of that.  Then I wrapped the batting around and stapled it in place.  Woot! It's a seat!

Finally, I laid the fabric face down, centered the cushion on top and went to town with the stapler.  I folded the front up first, and then worked on neatly folding the corners (pics below), and then the back. 

And that was it!  Super easy, inexpensive and really comfortable.

I'm whipping up a few throw pillows to tie in with the greens and golds they selected but meanwhile, the cushion has made the space much more welcoming.  I've also been informed that the most important resident approves of the new sun-soaked, squishy spot.  And, really, that's all that matters.

Have a great week!

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  1. Oh how I miss the beauty of Mt Gretna! Hope Art is doing well! Cushion looks great in that window but here's the important question... Where'd all those books and alarm clocks disappear to?! :-)

  2. Ha! It is a beautiful area. Actually, that's a great question! It's been an ongoing project to transform that room, and phase one was a major purge. THat helped significantly. The remaining objects got relocated. The alarm clock went to the new bedside tables. Everything else was moved to the small closet-turned-built-in-bookshelf in the opposite corner. Everything is much more functional!!


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