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I love a good High-Low project (high end, low cost).  Most recently, I've fallen in love with the idea of having a marble tray for serving food, corralling small stuff and just adding a bit of glam to an area.  The price tag for a store bought marble tray is a bit high however.

This handled marble tray from High Street Market is certainly beautiful and classy but it also comes in at a hefty $95 (and that's one of the least expensive I've found!).
Several other DIY projects online inspired me to give making my own a go, so a few Saturdays ago I headed to a home improvement store to pick up the necessities.

*Almost every other tutorial I've seen has recommended using Gorilla Glue or Liquid Nails to secure the handles, and, while I like both of those products, I think truly securing the handles via hardware is the best way to go.  It's a tiny bit of extra work, but it makes me feel much more secure about carrying anything on the tray. If, however, you don't plan on ever using this for anything more than decor, you can simply skip the drilling and glue to your hearts content!


Marble Tile (purchase at an improvement store for around $3.50
Drawer Pulls and applicable hardware (I purchased my set at Ikea for around $7, but I love these and will probably purchase them for my next project)
Fender Washers
Gold Spray Paint and Primer (optional)
Drill with masonry bit
Self Adhesive Rubber or Felt Feet (also called bumpers)

Let's Do This

1.  My first step was to give the drawer pulls a quick sanding with super fine grit sandpaper.  After wiping them down with a tack cloth, I screwed the handles through a spare box so that they would remain upright.

2. Using some spare spray primer I had on hand, I gave them a fine even coat and left them to dry completely. 

3.  Once the primer was dry, I gave the handles several coats of gold spray paint, allowing them to dry completely in between.

4.  While the primer and paint were drying, I measured and marked where I wanted the handles to go on the back of the marble itself.  (I also gave it a good wipe down, as the marble tends to have dust on it from when it was originally cut and stored).

5. Using a masonry bit, I carefully drilled into the marked areas from the back the front (Note: When working with any kind of stone or concrete, there is always the chance of cracking it.  The best plan is to start with a very small masonry bit and then work your way up to the bit that is sized for your hardware.  And Go Slow!) 

Once I had my holes drilled, I placed the hardware through.  This is where you should also use your fender washers.  (At the time I took the pictures, I didn't have any on hand, so they were added later.)  

I then attached my now gold drawer pulls. 

  6. The very last thing I did was to add bumpers to the underside corners of the marble. These protect my surfaces from getting scratched up and also make sure that the marble doesn't slide around on counters. 

7.  After a good wipe down, the tray was finished and ready to go! 

I am loving the way it turned out! (And for less than $15!!)

I'm currently using the marble tray on my dresser for jewelry and perfume, but I will absolutely be breaking out this bad boy to serve on for special occasions.   I love the way the gold handles add some glam to the white tray, but I may experiment with some other colors as well.  

I've gotten so many compliments from friends who have seen the tray... I may start making some as gifts!

What are your favorite High Low projects?

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  1. This DIY looks AMAZING! I love the luxurious, expensive looking result. I will definitely be trying my hand at this DIY in the next couple of weeks!!

  2. So Sorry for the delay! Thank you so much! I love how easy and chic this project is. I'd love to see pics of your results!


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