A Holiday House Tour: E.G's 2014 Christmas Home


I love Christmas. I can't help it.  I don't think I could be all Bah-Humbug if I tried.  Something about the twinkling lights, the familiar carols, the traditions and, of course, the delicious food makes me so happy. I love pulling out the boxes and unearthing all of the treasures we've collected over the years - a delicate nativity, handmade ornaments, my husband's train that he's had since childhood.  No "It's-the-season-of-consumerism" or "Holiday-of-Greed" rants are going to convince me that this time of year is anything but magical and beautiful. 

Below is our home tour from this year - although I'm sure I'll still be adding things right up through the 25th.  Scroll and enjoy!!

I always have it in my head that it would be fun to do the Christmas tree last - kind of the Save-the-Best-for-Last theory.  But it just never works that way.  Because of the need to space things out in our small apartment, we're forced to place the tree and first and work around it.  I suppose it's more of a Life's-Short-Eat-Dessert-First philosophy.  Perhaps not the worst philosophy to have...

Our living room window sports candles, a boxwood wreath and beautiful ribbon and ornament tie backs for the sheers.  The throw is soon to be fur-lined thanks to the purring, shedding Christmas critter atop it (Got clean laundry? You can pretty much count on his helpful presence). 

I love how our mantle turned out this year!  I added homemade swags to the medallions on either side, my gold shimmer wreath (another DIY from years previous), a gorgeous carved white deer (from Michael's) and piles of greens, ribbons, pine cones and ornaments. Oh and lights of course!! 


The demilune table by the door is one of my favorite pieces.  In addition to being able to house drinks for arriving guests, keys and the occasional lost glove, it has a beautiful space underneath it for showcasing decor.  Although I don't typically focus on the material aspect of Christmas, adding a sprinkling of toys and childhood memorabilia (including my first violin, and a beautiful burlap Santa, handmade by my father-in-law) seems like just the right amount of nostalgia and magic.

This arrangement was actually a last minute thing.  I purchased flowers at Trader Joe's (totaling under $10 - what?!) and was going to take my time putting something together when I realized that I was late for an appointment.  I wound up throwing this together in less than 10 minutes before some guests arrive.  I actually love how it turned out! Perhaps I should plan less on a regular basis...

The dining room receives its own small tree, an antique silver sign and another homemade swag, sparkling with burgundies and golds, but the buffet itself will stay fairly minimal for now.  I plan to fill that baby up with goodies!!

All of the little extras get displayed on dressers, windowsills, doorways and unexpected little spots.  The front door sports a big red bell that sounds so cheery when guests or packages are arriving.  The kitchen displays more hand carved treasures from my father in law (including a mini rolling pin and a wooden spoon!  How cool are they?!).  Mistletoe welcomes people to stop and enjoy an age-old tradition (tradition-schmadition, smooching is just fun!!).  Even the bathroom gets some attention with its own live (mini!) tree and snowy decor that can stay up all winter.

Yes, I'm aware that taking it down will take some time and will, no doubt, make me sad.  But for this one fleeting season, it sparkles, shines and reminds me of all of the marvelous blessings in my life that I have to be thankful for!

Christmas Eve will find me
Where the love light gleams
I'll be home for Christmas
If only in my dreams

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