3 End of Summer Celebrations

As you know, I'm a big believer in celebrating as many moments in life as possible (I mean, where's the fun otherwise?).  This morning, on my way home from the gym, I saw school buses running routes.  SCHOOL BUSES. What?  How is it that time again?  The presence of the giant yellow tot-toters means that summer is rapidly winding down, and -before I get wrapped up in holidays, football season and sweaters- I want to celebrate the long days and warm nights with a Summer Send off. 

Whether it's Hello School! or Goodbye Summer!, below are three celebration ideas to help you make the most of these last few weeks of warm.

Back 2 School Lunch (for the kiddos!)

Make going back to school something to look forward to, by hosting a themed lunch!

Ideas to try:
  • Serve turkey wrap pinwheels on lollipop sticks for a fun healthy lunch.  Add sliced apples, grapes, veggies and chocolate chip cookies.
  • Let the kids get crafty by personalizing brown paper bags to use for lunches when school starts.  Provide glue sticks, glitter, stickers, crayons or markers, puffy paint and paper bags with each child's name.
  • Play Teacher Says (instead of Simon Says.  After all, who does that Simon think he is?)
  • Include a "Book Exchange." Have each child bring a book with them to trade.  This way everyone can get a new book and practice recycling. 

Making-the-Grade Movie Marathon (for the bigger kids!)
The transition from warm weeks of freedom to classes and homework is never an easy one.  Let your kids blow off some steam AND get back in the mood for school with a school-themed movie marathon. (*warning: not all school movies are appropriate for all kids. Choose ones you're comfortable with.)
Ideas to Try: 
  • Make a buffet of toppings, sauces and shredded cheese and let everyone assemble their pie with pre-made pizza dough
    - OR -
  • Make a buffet with ice cream, cookies and toppings for a special sugary treat  
  • Have a night of school-themed movies to get them giggling and excited for their own teenage drama (think Grease, Clueless, Mean Girls and She's All That)
  • For girl-centric parties, consider having face masks and nail polish on hand (just make sure you cover your furniture and carpets with towels or blankets.  Having to replace a carpet is NOT a happy summer memory.) 
  • Have an (outdoor) silly string battle to get some energy out between movies (and quash any pillow-fight ideas that may have occurred)

End of Summer Barbecue and Bonfire (for the biggest kids!)

Make the most of the warm days and break out all the traditional summer gear.  End your End-Of-Summer celebration with a bonfire and some stargazing. 

Ideas to Try: 
  • Keep the fare classic: hotdogs and burgers, watermelon, potato salad and veggies are pick-able foods that will go by the wayside come winter. 
  • Make a great summer playlist to foster a laid back mood (think: Under the Boardwalk, Summer Love, Summer Girls, Kokomo, Brown Eyed Girl, Dancing in the Street, Margaritaville and anything by the Beach Boys).  If you have lots of time and are musically minded, create a playlist that slowly transitions into fall-themed songs throughout the night (Moondance, See You In September, She Blinded Me With Science, Centerfold, California Dreamin', Get Lucky)
  • Make pre-packaged S'mores (which keeps everything fresh!) for everyone to take and enjoy at their own pace
  • End the night with sparklers, a shooting-star gaze or fireworks (if your state allows)


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