$3 Printer Table Makeover (Another reason Craigslist rocks my socks)

One of the great things about monitoring Craigslist like a crazed cat-lady (don't judge me. I could be cataloging dryer lint or something) is that the payoffs are occasionally quite big.  The other day I scored a pair of fabulous wingbacks gratis (read about that here), but, as if that wasn't enough, the girl was also getting rid of several other random pieces of furniture.  For free.  (When people move they don't always have the time or energy to sell!).

I asked her if I could take them and she was thrilled to get them off of her hands.  At the time I wasn't sure what I'd do with them, but I'm always up for a project!

Among the random items, was a small table with a shelf. Randomly, it also has a lazy-susan top (as in, the entire tabletop spins. Not entirely sure what that's needed for with a table this small, but...whatever).  It was a little too large to be used as an end table but the PERFECT size to be a printer stand! (Apparently, Microsoft does not actually recommend keeping your printer on the floor under a pile of paperwork that you have yet to file. Who knew...?)

The stand was in rough shape though.  Years of crappy black paint covered unidentifiable lumps of schmutz and the legs were a bit wobbly.  Not for long though...
Sanding in Progress

A quick go with a phillips-head tightened the legs right up.  Then on to making it pretty.

I started sanding with my trusty DeWalt orbital sander and some course grade sandpaper disks.  After getting off the majority of the paint (and whatever that random painted over crust was), I switched to a medium grade sandpaper and followed that with a fine grade.

 Once it was sanded, I wiped it down with tack cloth to remove all of the dust and grit.  Then it was time to paint.

I settled on a matte chalkboard black for the legs and shelf, and Valspar's Redstone Blue Spruce (a gorgeous soft green) for the top.  I purchased one of the 8 oz trial pots at Lowe's for $3, and I still have some left over!

After two coats of each, I finished with a clear sealant spray from Krylon. 

And the result?
A perfectly sized printer table with a little bit of storage and a whole lot of style.  All for the cost of paint!

Killin' it.  ;-) 

(And the new printer-table has, of course, inspired me to re-do my entire office... Coming Soon...)

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