Top 5 Easter Ham Glaze Recipes

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I tend to like traditional meals - turkey at Thanksgiving, burgers and chicken on the Fourth.  So for Easter, I don't necessarily want to stray too far from the Ham- Potatoes-Asparagus route, but that doesn't mean I can't give some kick to the traditional.

Today, I was searching for not-your-average-packet-o-glaze recipes for the ham.  Below are my top five picks. Decisions, decisions!

5. Brown Sugar and Mustard Glaze from the  Homemade is SOOO much better than the packet-stuff. 

4. Ham with Blackberry Sauce from  Blackberry jam, mustard, lemon juice, white wine and apple cider.  Super easy and so yummy sounding. 

3. Blueberry Chipotle Chutney from sounds like a wonderful Spring-y option. 

2. New Orleans Root Beer Glazed Ham  from Cook'  If we go this route, we might try Birch Beer instead of Root Beer - it's my husbands favorite!
1. Apricot and Brown Sugar Glaze  from Campbell's Kitchen.  I'm really leaning toward this right now.  Apricots and ham sound amazing. 

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