Be Mine: Valentine's Ideas for Friends, Family and Lovers PART 1


"Gosh, I love how easy it is to plan for Valentine's Day."
- No One Ever

With all of the work, bills and general life stuff that require attention on a daily basis, it can be difficult to find the time to put toward planning a special Valentine's Day.  Whether you're celebrating love with your sweetheart, your best friends or your awesome mom, I've got you covered with ideas for breaking the flowers-and-dinner-out rut (not that there's anything wrong with that!).  

Part 1: Friends & Family
 Whether you're celebrating with family or friends, a group or just two of you, check out this list of special things to do, all in the name of love. 

For Two
  • Hotels They’re not just for lovers!  Split a room.  Enjoy the pool and hot tub.  Eat in bed (hey, you’re not cleaning it up)!  Grab a drink in the bar. Grab two (you’re not driving!).   
  • High Tea One of my absolute favorite ways to spend an afternoon is sipping tea and eating finger sandwiches with one of my best friends.  Look for tea houses in your area (and check social discount sites like Living Social or Groupon for discounted rates!)
  • Get Cookin’ How often do we mark off scrumptious looking recipes and then push them to the side because they're too involved?  Set some time aside, put some soothing music on, grab two glasses of wine and whip up some gourmet grub to share. 
  • Check out Open Houses Check your local listings for open houses, grab a friend and go “house hunting.”  (Just make sure not to give any sellers false hope.) 
  •  Play Tourist  Chances are, when  you have some free time, you check out areas that aren't close to home.  Take some time to explore what's local: farmers markets, local attractions, historical societies or
  • Photo Scavenger Hunt Just because there are only two of you, doesn’t mean you can’t play games of your own!  Make a list of 25 items that you would find in stores (the sillier the better: a hideous hat, a giant purple purse, a tacky toilet paper holder…).  Trade lists, then head to a mall. Split up for thirty minutes – taking pictures of as many of the items on each other’s list as possible.  30 minutes later, meet back up in the food court for a coffee and a giggle as you scroll through whatever photos you managed to get. 
  For a Group 
  • Potluck with friends  Have each of your friends or family pick a main dish, side dish, app or dessert to bring.  Jazz it up by having each person try a new recipe, or create a theme and invite everyone to be as creative as possible. 
  • Fondue nights Fondue is one of the most decadent, delicious, and fun activities for a group.  Make a broth fondue for veggies and meats; a cheese fondue for breads and fruits; and a chocolate fondue for fruit, marshmallows, cookies and cake.  
  • Make War, Not Love:  Find a local spot that features laser tag, and let the inner 12-year-old go wild.  No money or local  place for laser tag?  Then invest in some inexpensive Nerf guns or silly string.  If forced indoors, make sure you hide the breakables first!
  • Mafia or Murder in the Dark: Remember when most of the games we played didn’t require consoles, monitors or controllers?  Heck, many of them didn’t even require game-boards.  Relive the fun with some pseudo-spooky games that are sure to stir up some giggles.  
Stay Tuned for Be Mine: Valentine's Ideas for Friends, Family and Lovers PART 2 which focuses on Romantic Valentine's Days ideas for couples.

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