Glitter Candles: A How To


The holidays are all about magic.  And what could be more magical than glitter?  Upon entering a
building with no more than one tiny glimmered and glittered branch hidden in a safe in the back, you will still (magically) come out sparkling as though you've been assaulted by heavily dandruffed pixies.  It is a little known fact that glitter was actually one of the ten (and, some might argue, most insidious) plagues set down upon Pharaoh in ancient Egypt.  So why not bring it into your home?  Why not indeed!

Glitter does add a gorgeous shimmer to your holiday decor.  By using the sparkly-stuff in conjunction with candlelight, you automatically up the drama and elegance of your tablescape or mantle.   Below, find the easy steps for making these beautiful sparklers. 

Pillar or Stick Candles
.9 oz of Glitter (I chose a bluish silver glitter with white candles to imitate the sparkle of snow)
Varying Widths of Tape (Electrical tape is easy to apply and remove and has a great stretch to it)

Spray Adhesive 
Parchment Paper 
Newspaper or other table covering 
Vaccuum standing by  (trust me)

1. Working in a well ventilated area, lay down newspaper to cover your work surface.  Pull off a piece of parchment paper and set aside. 

Taped candle pre-glue
2.  Use tape to mark areas that you don't want covered in glitter.  (Think beyond a straight line. Try
wrapping strips vertically down the candle to create candy cane-like swirls or cut out circles and apply for a fun dotted look)

3. Spray one side of the candle with adhesive.  Very little is needed.

4.  Place pre-cut parchment paper under the candle.  Working quickly, sprinkle glitter over glue and use your fingers to smooth surface.  Once areas are covered, roll parchment into a conical shape and replace extra glitter in magic pixie vile.

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until all areas of your candle are evenly covered.

6. Remove tape, place in a beautiful candle holder and admire your work.  Now curse like a sailor and begin furiously vacuuming up the glitter that has already stealthily worked its way into three of your rooms and will continue to show up a  year from now.  Holiday magic.

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