Halloween Countdown: EG's Top Ten Halloween Movies

Planning on spending Halloween curled up with a bowl of candy next to you? (for the Trick-or-Treaters, of course...)  Below are my top ten picks for good Halloween movies to settle in with.  

*Special Note: If you're looking for horror movies this is probably not the list for you.  Halloween, for me, is about feeling like a kid again.  
10. Beetlejuice
It doesn't get a whole lot creepier.  Warning: You may spend the first part of November singing Harry Belafonte songs.
9. Garfield's Halloween Special
Okay, yes, this is not exactly an adult movie and some of you are probably saying "it's no Charlie Brown!"  But for my generation, THIS was the Halloween TV movie that you waited for.
8. Clue 
Goofy, over the top and the first of two Madeleine Kahn films on my list.  She makes any movie worth watching.
7. Harry Potter and...
...Take your pick.  The Sorcerer's Stone and Chamber of Secrets have that classic child-wonder Halloween appeal- floating jack o lanterns, ghosts at the dinner table, trolls, snakes and, of course, magic.  But starting with The Prisoner of Azkaban, all of the movies involve increasingly dark themes.  Oh, for a glass of butter beer or pumpkin juice...
6. The Addams Family / Addams Family Values
Hilariously twisted and deliciously macabre. 
5. Nightmare Before Christmas
Tim Burton's love letter to Fright Night.  As a bonus it also kind of gets you ready for the upcoming Christmas season.  Well, ya know, in a bizarre kind of way.
4. Coraline
Tim Burton, take notes.  Nightmare qualities, an odd but likeable protagonist and nary a Depp or Bonham Carter in sight...
3.The Frighteners
Probably the closest thing to a scary movie on the list, The Frighteners gives you the spooky other-worldly fix but keeps it from getting too heavy with a love story and some Michael J Fox adorableness.
2. Ghostbusters 
I'll be honest - I could watch this movie any time of the year.  Ectoplasm, eggs frying on a kitchen counter and a giant Stay Puft Marshmallow Man... Who you gonna call?

  1.  Young Frankenstein 
What's better than a Transylvanian Romp on Halloween Night?  Young Frankenstein is a fantastic campy mess with an outstanding cast.  It will leave you laughing and quoting for days.

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