Chalking It Up to Creativity...

I'm currently enjoying the kitchen chalkboard trend that's so popular.
Because I throw parties fairly frequently, I love the idea of being able to display messages and menus as the season changes. 

That said, I'm not yet willing to spend $120 on one.  And luckily, I don't have to.  (One of my main principals in decorating is, "Where there's a will, there's a way.  A cheaper way.") 

Earlier, I undertook a project to make my own chalkboard.  Below is the simple process I used, and will, undoubtedly, use again.  

Tools Needed: 
Chalkboard Spray Paint (in black or green)
Painters Tape
Rubbing Alcohol
Picture Frame 
Newspaper or Drop Cloth
A Well Ventilated Area 
1. Find a frame that you like. I recommend checking out Goodwill for some unique (and cheap!) options, or foraging through your closets and attics to find some cool, unused pieces.  For this project, I selected a canvas that I had purchased on clearance. I liked the frame a lot, but the picture always looked a bit cheap to me.  It was the perfect test piece.
Tip: Think outside the frame.  Try using a vase, charger, or even an old book for a funky twist

2. Spread your newspaper or drop cloth out in a well ventilated area.

3. Clean the piece you're spraying with a bit of soap and water or rubbing alcohol (a clean surface allows the paint to adhere better).


4. Tape off the parts that you do not want painted (the frame to the picture, or any detailing).

5.  Shake the spray paint VERY well ( minutes is recommended).  This ensures that you get a more even coat and a more professional finish.

6.  Begin spraying your piece in smooth, even strokes, about 10 - 14 inches away from the surface.  Spray both vertically and horizontally. 

7.  After you've finished one coat, allow ample time to dry.  

8. Repeat steps 5 - 7 two more times.  

9.  Once your project is COMPLETELY dry, remove tape from the edges.  If the paint has spread under any of the tape accidentally, use a bit of fine grain sand paper to buff out the excess. 

Mount your piece, find some chalk, and go to town! I liked this project so well, I may chalkboard my husband while he sleeps.  If he still doesn't remember the honey-do list, I give up!

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